Stitching Status: Almost to the Top of the Mountain

Sorry for a little radio silence, I’ve got a kitchen renovation going on right now.
This is my kitchen right now. I’ve got workers coming in and out; plumbers, electricians, HVAC guys, project managers…people asking ME questions and wanting ME to give them money. It’s a lot right now on top of lots of work happenings and teaching too (how has this semester flown by so quickly?). Oh and did I mention my husband is travelling? Needless to say, I need my knitting to destress at the end of a long day.
Mountain High in progress
I started the Mountain High sweater 7 days ago. this was how much progress I had made by Sunday evening – not bad.
This is my progress as of last night. I am almost ready to do the garter stitch band along the bottom. I think I am going to shorten it slightly from the pattern since I’m not as long and lean as the woman in the pictures. I don’t want this baby to be down to my knees! The goal is for it to drape around my hips, so after I finish this repeat in the pattern I will start the garter stitch repeats to get to the end of the body. Then all I will have left to tackle are sleeves!! It finally dawned on me that I should measure from my underarm to my wrist to see how long I actually am, so I can stop reading patterns and going along with directions for an 18 inch long sleeve when I’m about 14.5 inches long. And this is why I love knitting, I’m always learning something.

So what are you working on lately? Share your Ravelry project page links too!

7 Replies to “Stitching Status: Almost to the Top of the Mountain”

    1. I realized today I might indeed be a sweater knitting machine. I’ve knit 8 long sleeve/elbow length sweaters since the beginning of the year and 10 short sleeved or tank top sweaters since the beginning of the year. It’s been a good year for sweater knitting for me. LOL

  1. wooohooo!!! Professional grade handknit!! Beautiful! Wonderful job, D! Can’t wait to see you in it & walking around the office! 🙂

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