Sweaters, Sweaters and More Sweaters

I love sweater knitting. I really do. But I love a specific kind of sweater knitting…knitting sweaters for myself. It’s true. So I’ve kind of thrown that knitting queue I created a while back out the window and have just been knitting whatever I see that tickles my fancy. I’ve swatched for two sweaters recently and started one. The first swatch is for the gramps cardigan by Tin Can Knits. My husband sends me pictures of knit things and asks me to make them and his last request was a dark red shawl collared cardigan. I already had some Berroco Vintage in a deep wine color for a different sweater pattern I picked for him so I figured I’d start on this sweater for him after I finish my next sweater.
I typically order yarn when things go on sale and I ordered this Lion Brand Heartland Tweed for a project for my sister…and then she told me she wanted a different cardigan than what I planned for originally (of course she wants the striped cardigan that I made up a pattern for in my size…I’ll just have to figure out something similar for her). So I decided to put the yarn I originally bought for her first project to good use and make myself another sweater. There’s been a lot of talk about slow fashion and Fringe Association is hosting Slow Fashion October and has been showcasing workhorse knits that people have and I realized I don’t really have a good neutral knit that I wear repeatedly. So I’m making the Mountain High sweater with this creamy tweed yarn.
Mountain High Sweater
I wear a lot of skinny jeans and slim pants so I like swing tops to balance it all out and I thought the shape of this sweater was interesting. The simple detailing is made with short rows done in a different way (that I like a lot). The pattern is pretty clear and after starting it on Wednesday evening I’m almost to the point of separating for the sleeves. I’m excited to see how the pattern shapes up and how this yarn holds up as well, it’s an acrylic and wool blend. I’m hoping it won’t be as hot as my 100% wool sweaters. I already like it thus far. It’s soft, has a pretty sheen to it and the tweed color is a bit on the rainbow side – and I can never resist a rainbow. My sister doesn’t know what she’s missing out on by changing her mind on what sweater she wanted me to knit. I’m also going to have a bit more time on my hands for knitting because my kitchen renovation will begin on Monday – so I can’t cook for 2 to 3 weeks! So I’ll be ordering takeout, snuggling up to Cher on the couch and hopefully getting a few sweaters (for myself) completed before I move on to projects for my family.

So what’s in your queue? Any good knitting plans for the weekend?

5 Replies to “Sweaters, Sweaters and More Sweaters”

  1. That’s a cute pullover! Looking forward to seeing how it looks with your ‘rainbow’ tweed yarn! It’ll go with just about any colour skirt or trousers you pair it with! You inspire me to look out for tweedy yarns like this.

    When you make pullovers like this, do you make special plans about where the hem should hit you? I noticed this model is extremely long waisted (even if she’s wearing low rise jeans, it’s still a long way between her bust line and the top of the jeans).

    1. That’s why I love top down sweaters so I can constantly try it on. I’m only 5 ft 4 inches so I always have issues with sleeves being too long when I knit a larger sized sweater (lately I’ve been following decreases for the small size on sleeves and body length) and the body being long or in some cases too short for what I prefer. I try it on a couple of times while I’m knitting the body.

  2. what a fantastic sweater, it looks awesome on you! So true about needing a good neutral colour sweater to wear with everything.

    1. That is just the pic from Ravelry but I hope mine turns out just as nice. I do need a good neutral to add to my hand knit wardrobe.

  3. I like the idea of slow fashion month! I am forwarding that to my Church knitting group! 🙂

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