FO: The Rye Tie for My Guy

When I first learned to knit I thought about all the smaller things I could make that my husband might like. Hats, scarves, a knit tie. He definitely said no to a knit tie…fast forward four years and now he’s all about the knit tie because they’re coming back into fashion again (for those who aren’t just preppy). Fortunately for him, I’m always looking at patterns, thinking of ideas and then I found the Rye Tie pattern for free on Ravelry around Father’s Day.
I had some leftover Cascade Venezia Worsted yarn (which I love and can never find), a silk wool blend and decided to use that to make up this lavender and purple tie. It whipped up in about 24 hours, super quick and simple and since it was worsted weight it wasn’t on tiny needles.
I’ll admit, this color palette isn’t his first choice but I at least wanted to make the tie first with something leftover in my stash. My cousin has also been asking for a knit tie so he might be getting one next…and then my BFF Steven.
And this is my husband reluctantly posing for me when I picked him up yesterday and I realized he was wearing the tie for the first time. The first thing he told me when he got into the car was that his coworkers all complimented it and then immediately asked him who made it for him. I feel I maybe getting more requests for this one and I’ve already gotten another request from the husband.
He saw this picture on Instagram and I ordered the hot pink navy blue yarn (I already have some of the cobalt leftover from another project) and I’m trying my best way to figure out how to recreate this. I was even in Banana Republic examining the knit ties for technique and I think I’m going to have to knit it in the round so the color change threads aren’t visible. Once I figure it out I’m sure I’ll post it here.

Have a happy Friday and a wonderful weekend, friends!

7 Replies to “FO: The Rye Tie for My Guy”

    1. HA! Well, once I figure out how I want to tackle it I’ll definitely share here. Lion Brand has some decent free tie patterns that are similar on their site. I’m keeping my fingers crossed I can make this happen!

    1. My queue is a mile long. I don’t need another project but I’m always adding one to the list.

  1. The Rye Tie – Too funny! . . . five years later! 🙂 It turned out very well, D! I LIKE it! 🙂 and with that yarn hopefully it will keep its shape? It looks like it might curl on the sides, what stitch did you use to make sure that didn’t happen?

    1. I just followed per the pattern and don’t remember if it’s a slipped stitch on not. I’m sure it will curl a bit.

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