Stitching Status: All Over the Place

First, can we talk about how much I love my dog? I just needed to say that. She is the best knitting buddy and loves to tangle her paws in my yarn and then takeover my lap in the middle of a project. I don’t mind, she’s super cute and I always love the company. This pic was from Saturday afternoon. She likes to hop on the couch behind me and if I rub her ears she will smother me with kisses.
If you follow me on Instagram you probably saw this but I was watching Serena win Wimbeldon this weekened while I finished off a baby blanket for a friend. I finished it and then whipped up a quick cardigan (and will post about both once her package arrives) for her baby girl.
I also started Sunday night another Togue Pond tank but for my BFF Jessica. She has hinted a million times how much she liked mine and then finally said I should make her one. She’s one of the few people I will knit things on demand for (if you aren’t in my immediate family the chances are a bit slim) and I have a couple of extra skeins of Modern Cotton from the two projects I did before so Jess will get a new tank and I will make myself a second one that’s colorblocked.

I have been pushing projects out the door because I am so excited to get started on my fall projects. Why is there never enough time to knit?!

3 Replies to “Stitching Status: All Over the Place”

  1. Lol! There is time to knit. The only slight problem is all those other optional activities that get in the way, like working, eating, shopping …
    What’s in your autumn knitting queue? Do you plan it out so far in advance?

    1. Oh I’ve been planning! Summertime is when everyone has sales on wool yarn! I stock up and plot out projects. I’ve got a post coming about my queue soon.

  2. There’s never enough time but you seem to be knocking those F.O.s out faster than a speeding bullet. I have no doubt you’ll finish what’s in your fall/winter queue!

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