FO: Baby Blanket & Cardigan

I am horrible at surprises and keeping secrets when I have gifts to give. I think I get that from my Dad. He always wanted you to open the present as soon as he found it because it was always so good. I’m the same way and I was going to wait until this package got delivered on Monday but I already sent sneak peeks to my girlfriend. HA! I figure there are other great things in the package AND you don’t truly appreciate a hand knit until you actually hold it in your hands. Am I right?
Baby girl Greeff checkerboard blanket
I always ask my girlfriends what their color schemes are so that I can plan a blanket or cardigan to match. I’ve found that a lot of times my blankets get incorporated into newborn photoshoots, which is pretty cool! So when I asked Amanda what her color palette was for her baby girl she said grey and white…if you know me you know I prefer to work in wild and colorful palettes. LOL
Baby girl Greeff checkerboard blanket
I kept it simple but added a bit of sparkle 🙂 How cool is this Simply Soft Party yarn?! It turned a simple grey blanket into something with a fun twist to it. The blanket is pretty simple and I just used the checkerboard stitch so that I wouldn’t have to reference a pattern. I also love that it makes it reversible! I put all the details about this project on Ravelry.
Baby Girl Greeff cardigan
And since I simply couldn’t resist, I whipped up a cardigan for their baby girl as well. Her husband is a University of Texas at Austin alum and they’ve recently moved back to Austin and their baby girl will arrive at the start of football season. Of course that means I needed to make a UT inspired cardigan just for football watching with Dad. Their last names starts with a G, so I thought I’d let the world know that’s her team of choice.
Baby Girl Greeff cardigan
A lot of my memories and time spent with my Dad revolved around watching football. I also spent a lot of time in Notre Dame t-shirts when I was with my Dad.
I hope that baby girl and her Dad get to create just as special a bond over football and I’m glad my cardigan might be a facilitator in that process.

8 Replies to “FO: Baby Blanket & Cardigan”

  1. Well done DWJ!!! Love the write up on the baby blanket and pic at the very bottom of the page of the ‘Notre Dame’ girl was def the cutest! I can’t believe that’s you?! 🙂 Loved it!

  2. Gorgeous blanket! Perfect for later snuggling and reading fairytales!
    Great idea about coordinating colour schemes. What do you do though when the Mum wants to keep it secret?

    1. They usually give me a color for the nursery, even if it’s something neutral. I could also do a rainbow but most folks give me an idea on colors.

  3. Just lovely! Love the cardi … the letter and the football really seal the deal on that piece.

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