FO: Go to Market Cardigan (Modified)

Go to Market cardigan
I told myself I needed to buckle down and finish this and I did! I needed a summer white short sleeved cardigan to wear with sleeveless dresses and the Go to Market cardigan was on my list but I didn’t want to do the peplum in a garter stitch pattern. So I didn’t!
Go to Market cardigan
That’s one of the things I love about knitting, once you get a few of the basics down you can modify a pattern to your liking. I don’t do a lot of modifications but I liked the top construction of this cardigan and wanted a nice long simple cardigan. I keep referring to it as clean (even though I know my dog’s hair is woven all through this fabric) but that’s really the best description. I also liked the little bit of short row shaping on the sleeves to give it a cap. I’ve never done short row shaping on a sleeve but I like it! Sweater knitting has truly become an obsession with me over the last year.
Go to Market cardigan
I also kept it clean and simple but using clear buttons, they have a touch of glitter on them but otherwise they disappear into the sweater. I’ve got some gorgeous blown glass buttons that I will use on something special one day but this really called for nice and simple with this bright white. I also highly recommend this yarn, Valley Yarns Goshen. It’s a cotton, modal and silk blend that drapes so nicely and has a nice light weight to it. Absolutely perfect for summer items or an all year sweater when wool gets too hot. I already cast on something new (another cardigan) but for someone special. I’ll share that once it has been completed and gifted.

Anyone reading have a favorite sweater pattern? Please share, I’m always looking for more to add to my library!

4 Replies to “FO: Go to Market Cardigan (Modified)”

  1. Dana … you killing me with these sweaters man! It’s like you make 1 per day!!! 😀

    This is really pretty. I love the classic white look; such a wardrobe staple.

    1. My goal is to have all the sweaters in my closet to be handmade at some point. I’ve got a list of what I want to make. I’ll probably share that soon!

  2. Tell us how you organize your yarn. I just gave a bin I throw it in. Just found your blog after seeing you on MadonDixon blog

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