FO: Boxed Pullover

This is my 500th post on Yards of Happiness. Wow! That kind of blows my mind that I’ve stuck to it this long. So thanks for reading with me. Now on to the latest finished object…

I have been staring at my overflowing stash and have really wanted to focus on using the yarn I have. At least making a big enough dent in my stash before Maryland Sheep and Wool and because I have some really beautiful yarn. I also really love this Madelinetosh Vintage color, Clue Board from 1984 and I wanted to use the rest of it (you may remember it as the accent color in my brioche cardigan I made in October). So I dug through my sweaters I’ve favorited on Ravelry, thought about something with a bigger gauge to make the 800 yards I had left work and landed on the Boxed Pullover.
Boxed pullover
This isn’t my usual silhouette but I’ve seen so many other people wear cute cropped pullovers that I thought, why not try it? Too often we just say this isn’t for me and miss out on something good. I’m glad I decided to knit this one because I love it. I’m glad I stepped out of my comfort zone. And if I didn’t like it I’d either give it to my BFF or just frog it, no harm no foul. The only modifications I made were to make the body pieces 2 inches longer than specified and make the sleeves 2 inches shorter – so I knew I’d have enough yarn to balance it all out. I think I had enough leftover that I could’ve added another inch to the body, but the 10 inches from underarm is the perfect cropped length for me. And since my arms are shorter, the original 13-inch sleeve would’ve been too long on me, know your measurements so you know what to modify to suit your shape better!
Boxed pullover
One of the reasons I wanted to try this silhouette is because I wear a lot of high waisted pants and I thought it would work. These are a pair of fun high waisted wide leg jeans that I love. I’ve also paired it with skinny jeans over a longer top too. Next I’m going to throw it on top of a short sleeved dress. I really, really love this color. It’s like a rainbow with a charcoal grey wash on top of it, it’s a perfect neutral in my book.
Boxed pullover
Also, this sweater is knit in pieces and seamed. That’s not my favorite technique but I told myself I really need to get better at it, so I’m going to also stop using excuses for things I don’t like to do to keep me from making what I like. And maybe the more I work on it, the better I will get. Maybe.