FO: Little Knits

If you read by latest MDK column, you saw a few of my little knits I’ve been working on. After the holidays I decided to make a bunch of tiny things because they are wonderfully satisfying since they fly off the needles and the colors are always so cheerful. A few of my latest.

Hello sweater

A friend of mine is having her second baby, a girl, next month. In the fall I kept having dreams about her having a baby girl, she has a son already. So I sent her a message and said I don’t know if you’re pregnant or not but I keep dreaming you are and it’s a girl and you’re very worried but in my dreams she’s okay. Turns out she had been worried (hello, pandemic) and it was a girl! I know she loves pink so I decided to dig out the brightest pink I have in my stash, Knit Picks Mighty Stitch worsted in Pucker, and I knit up another Southwood pullover. Since it was just a simple and plain little sweater I decided to embroider hello and a little heart on the front. I love it. I did a front porch masked drop off and she loved it too.

Charlotte’s Love Note

Another friend’s little girl asked her if I would knit her a sweater. How can you deny a four year old a sweater request? I asked her what colors she wanted and she told me pink, purple and rainbow and I knew immediately the Lion Brand Cupcake yarn (discontinued) I had in my stash for a baby blanket I abandoned would be perfect. I also decided the Love Note sweater, quite possibly my favorite pattern, would be fun to make in a 4 year old’s size. This flew off my needles in 24 hours. It was so bright and fun and the stripes made it feel even more magical. Now I want to make every little girl in my life one of these with self striping yarn! And the recipient, Charlotte, wore it the very next day to school and I’ve been told she even slept in it. If that isn’t love, I don’t know what is.

Serena’s sweater set

And I’ll share more details on this little Baby Sophisticate cardigan when I get more photos to share. It has a little embroidery on the back too that is super sweet. What have you been working on after the holidays?

15 Replies to “FO: Little Knits”

  1. I always adore your sweaters- colors especially and patterns you choose, too! Your embroidery embellishments have inspired me to put tiny hearts on my grandchildren’s fingerless mitts, with a note to remind them they are always held in my heart, even if we can’t be together now. Thank you for sharing all your beautiful creations!
    My question is, HOW do you manage to knit so many so quickly? What knitting method do you use and how can I learn it? I am older and have knit both English and Continental, but my wrists and hands prevent me from knitting hours on end. Even if I could, I doubt I could ever complete so many!

  2. Such sweet little knits! I especially love the Love Note; it’s so good for everyone. I knit 3 last year, for me, as wardrobe for Zoom teaching.

    Right now? Still knitting little brioche leaves as hats and cowls; I just can’t quit them.

  3. I’m impressed you can turn an adult sweater into a 4-year-old sweater! Good work!

    1. I didn’t modify it, Tin Can Knits patterns typically go from newborn size through adult male sizes.

  4. I agree with being impressed with your little love note…any more details to come? I have a seven year old who would love it! And because of you I have knitted 3 southwood pullovers and love the easy knit and the happy giftees!

    1. I just followed the pattern, they do sizes for children and up in most of their patterns.

      1. Any suggestions to replace the Lion Brand Cupcake yarn (discontinued) for the Love Nites child’s sweater. I just love these color combinations and see that the yarn used has been discontinued. :-(. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

  5. Your sweaters are always a delight, no matter what size! I’m starting to knit my first-ever sweater now. Thank you for all the inspiration you’ve given me!

  6. The pink sweater is sweet as can be, but Charlotte’s is a celebration. Such joyful pieces.

  7. Loved this post so much. The wee one who slept in her sweater after wearing it all day: what a satisfying person to knit for! Dare I hope that some day we’ll see the recipients in their sweaters?

  8. That Love Note is just gorgeous – those colours! 😊

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