FO: Langley Pullover

As promised, I’ve got more details on the Langley Pullover I knit for my cousin. Before the holidays when I was on winter break, we spoke to my cousin about coming to stay with us during the pandemic. I’ve knit lots of things for Safia here on the blog before, so her family is probably familiar. She is single and lives in Chicago and the thought of her sheltering in place alone during a Chicago winter felt a bit brutal. We drove up and back in 48 hours to pick her up from Chicago with limited stops and all the masks and sanitary wipes. To say we were all nervous was an understatement but we got COVID tested and we’ve all been okay and she’s added lots of laughter to our home. She’s gotten sweaters from me, but she’s never seen the process to make one so over six days I knit up the Langley pullover for her in her favorite color, purple.

Langley sweater

I saw this pattern on Berroco’s instagram feed and realized it was free and in worsted weight, so I downloaded it immediately and started to think about color combos. I had some lavender Shepherd’s Wool Worsted that I inherited in a yarn swap from my friend Jocelyn that I grabbed with Safia in mind. I dug deep into my stash and pulled out this Yarn Ink Blackened Rainbow skein for the colorwork, I used it on this cardigan in the past. I knew it would be a fun pairing and the rainbow made the colorwork so fun.

Langley sweater

I loved the Shepherd’s Wool and how super soft it was while I was knitting with it. I also didn’t make a single modification to the pattern and followed it to the letter. It as a quick knit. It was also nice to have her around so that she could keep trying it on to make sure the sweater was the right length and the lengths were the perfect length.

Langley sweater

And I’m already thinking about fun color combos that I can use to make this sweater again!

29 Replies to “FO: Langley Pullover”

  1. Such a nice sweater, and I imagine your cousin is simply delighted to have companionship and new knitwear, too! (She makes a great model, as well.) Enjoy.

  2. So now I love you even more! You opened your home to a relative & made her a sweater! sigh (I am available for adoption! ) Seriously, the sweater is beautiful & looks so soft & inviting. The colorwork yarn looks like it was made to pair with the sweater yarn & sets it off perfectly. I haven’t heard of either of these yarns, so they’re definitely on my look at list. Thanks for sharing this latest FO. Thanks for showing your beautiful cousin! Stay safe, knit on!
    PS 2 questions: How has Jellybean reacted to another pair of arms to hold her? And are you watching the inauguration tomorrow & what will you be knitting to it?

    1. Jellybean does not quickly take to strangers, so she and Safia are working on their relationship. LOL She really only wants me. We are off tomorrow for the inauguration so I’m working on my Bonebone sweater while we watch the news all day.

  3. That is so GREAT. I am happy πŸ’œI am glad everyone is doing well. Her Sweater is so BEAUTIFUL she looks GORGEOUS. All of you safely being together in itself is the best gift.πŸ™πŸ½πŸ™πŸ½πŸ™πŸ½πŸ™ŒπŸ½πŸ™ŒπŸ½

  4. Welcome to DC, Safia! Stay safe, and enjoy being warm and cozy with fam, all wearing gorgeous sweaters.

  5. I have a Procedural Question! βœ‹ Does Jel Girl get matching Safia sweaters? Such a great pullover.

    1. She and Safia are not BFFs so no matching sweaters yet. LOL My Mom did send the house pandemic pod matching pajamas for Christmas.

  6. Greetings from Chicago! This sweater is so beautiful, and it is definitely chilly enough here to get some good wear out of it.

  7. Oh what a lucky cousin (Safia) What a fabulous cousin (you). Mental and emotional health are so important and you took care of both. And 6 days… Wow. I wish I could knit that fast. Gorgeous sweater.

  8. What a gorgeous sweater! I love the color combo of lavender and the dark rainbow.

  9. The sweater is gorgeous and it looks like one big hug. I love your color choices. And your generosity. And that you can knit the sweater in 6 days! Do you sleep?

  10. beautiful!! the sweater and the model and the maker!!!

  11. Gosh, both the sweater and Safia are so lovely! The rainbow yarn really intensifies a delicacy to the yoke color work. Purple is usually not my fave but it is right now! Love it.

  12. The sweater is beautiful, as is Safia. And I love that you are having her stay with you. πŸ™‚

  13. Such a sweet story, thank you for sharing❀️

  14. This just warmed my heart- Safia is so lucky to have you as a cousin. She looks great in that lovely sweater Dana!

  15. So glad to see posts from you again! I love this sweater and your cousin is very lucky lady. Not just because of the sweater but that you opened up your home to her during this crazy time. Sending good wishes to you and your family!

  16. This sweater and your cousin are both beauties. I always marvel at your speed; it takes me a month (at best!) to knit a sweater. Thank you for sharing your lovely work. Incidentally, I think I found a typo: “It as a quick knit” (should be “It was/is a quick knit?”).

  17. You’re amazing, and generous. I bet it’s nice for you to have someone else around to talk to, though!

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