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I actually had already finished knitting Elorie when I wrote my WIPs post the other day, but she still needed to be blocked and the ends woven in. It took me forever to weave in the ends the other day because it was just one of those days and everytime I tried to sit and weave in ends, something else happened. So. Many. Distractions. But she’s finished! So meet my Elorie.


I bought Berroco Elba yarn, a now discontinued cotton tape yarn, last summer. I honestly do not remember what I bought it for (maybe another Togue Pond tank?) but the yellow was calling out to me and I wanted to knit with it. I needed something sunny and bright on my needles. I also enjoy tape style yarns and definitely love cottons because it means I can wear my knits more often in Maryland, so this was calling for me to knit with it. I had the Elorie pattern on my radar for a while and finally decided to cast on.


I was drawn to the pattern because of the texture, I think I’m going through a phase where I want all the texture, whether it’s from the pattern or the yarn. It was hard to see in the pics with the darker yarn but I could see it was going to be pretty in a solid. I will also admit, I did not swatch for this and I’m pretty sure all my needle sizes could’ve gone up one to give it a loser gauge so the yoke texture would drop lower like in the pattern pages. But, I don’t complain when I take a risk and don’t swatch. I either accept it as it is or I would’ve frogged it back and started over when I got to the sleeve separation if it was too small. It’s a risk I take sometimes. This pattern does require 4 or 5 different needle sizes based on which stitch pattern you’re working on so having an interchangeable set of needles makes working with it easier.


I like this pattern because of the way it floats away from the body and just how pretty the texture is around the bust and neckline. It’s different and it wasn’t overly complex or difficult to work through. I actually finished this in 13 days, so clearly I’ve got my knitting mojo back for a bit. I do have some of my beloved discontinued Patons Metallic in a pretty purple in my stash that might be just the yarn to use for another version of this with longer sleeves. But for now, I’m trying to finish up the other two WIPs I shared this week. Hopefully I get more knitting finished over the weekend before classes start on Monday!

23 Replies to “FO: Elorie”

  1. Gorgeous on you. It could be dressed up or down.
    That’s a great yellow, sometimes difficult to find. Many yellows are either too pale or too muddy. Love it. ❤️

  2. This is the third time in three days that this pattern has shown up on my radar. Apparently I am supposed to make it! Beautiful, Dana.

  3. It’s so helpful to see designs knit up in an alternative yarn than what is recommended in the pattern, and modeled on a real person. Sometimes the glamour shots in patterns don’t show the fit and drape in real life. And I love that you always comment on the qualities of a yarn that make it a good (or not so good) choice. Your posts help me think outside the box about what yarn is in my stash! My goal for the remainder of this year is to knit more sweaters – thank you for the inspiration and for continuing to post even when your knitting mojo is low!

  4. I think this is fabulous, Dana! The color is just perfect. I have been wanting to make this one ever since it came out- I was immediately drawn to the texture. I have been afraid of trying it, but you are such an inspiration. I am doing well on my first top down sweater, so I think I might be able to knit it now! Thanks for taking the time out of your busy life to share with us and inspire us.

  5. Love it! Such a happy knit. You are a ray of sunshine.

  6. It’s really gorgeous! The combination of color of the yarn and the texture is stunning!

  7. Beautiful, and yellow is my favorite. I have knit several sweaters in Elba, and you won’t regret that you didn’t knit it looser. On wearing you will be amazed at how much the stitch gauge will stretch out…the row gauge not as much. Luckily it seems to recover a bit when you wash again, but this yarn is definitely a gauge shifter.

  8. Gosh that’s nice! Looks fabulous on you! I’ll have to have another look at that pattern.

  9. Wow, wonderful! And it reminds me of those fisherman’s ganseys – very nice!

  10. Love your version. I bought the pattern when it was first released, but it’s been hanging in my queue ever since. I’m going to have to find suitable yarn to cast on for it.

  11. I think the fit is nicer the way you’ve made it. I was going to ask you about your approach to fit – because you nail it so often! But I guess in this instance was good fortune (with a side of all the skill that experience brings)! 🙂

  12. That’s a beautiful sweater and it looks great on you! I love yellow but I cannot wear it at all.

  13. Absolutely love the yellow on you! Elorie is in my queue!

  14. Lovely! Checking the pattern page, I much prefer your slightly fitted version, which looks light and easy to wear. Great shade of yellow—cheerful but not a glaring yellow.

  15. So nice. I love the color and I am a sucker for texture, too. I’ve rarely knit with cotton yarn and never a tape yarn. I might need to take the plunge!

  16. I think you’ll be happy with the slightly firmer gauge – that’s partly why it hangs away from your body so nicely, and it will wear better, almost certainly. A great sweater and it looks so nice on you. A little jealous of people who look so great in yellows and golds. They are so cheerful and positive.

  17. Gorgeous! The texture looks like a gansey sweater, and I’ve been eyeing those lately, but I love this with the texture only at the yoke. I think you sized it perfectly, the texture falls right where I think it’s best. I think yokes that go low can make it look droopy on the wearer. Sweater perfection from you again! 🙂

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