Supporting Voter Rights

I wanted to post this weekend because one of these pre-orders ends this weekend and I thought this was cool. My internet buddy, Thao, is the woman behind Nerd Bird Makery and I’ve supported her store and causes often. Well, she’s hoping to raise more money through her Vote tee.

These prints come in long sleeve and short sleeve tees, tote bags and postcards (it’s also a great time to buy stamps). The proceeds from these items will support Black Voters Matter and Spread the Vote. Grab one this weekend! And if you want MORE…

Karida, the woman behind Neighborhood Fiber Company, has yarn ball Vote tees and tote bags too. The proceeds from these items go to Fair Fight and the NFC Momentum Fund – two really great organizations. I’ve linked to every organization and the products directly and just wanted to share what two amazing women are doing. It’s also a friendly reminder about how important voting is, especially this year. I hope you’ll show these women owned businesses some support!

11 Replies to “Supporting Voter Rights”

  1. Yay thank for this! Just ordered the v🧶te! Shirt yay!

  2. Wow! Thanks for the links, Dana!

  3. We’ve been in the US since I was a child, but my family is from Northern Ireland, and we’re in the religious minority there (Catholic), and when my parents were young, voter suppression of the (largely more impoverished) Catholic population was a big problem. My grandfather was active there in the movement to end gerrymandering and voter suppression. We immigrated to America when I was a child, and among the immigrant dicta my dad handed down to us (he was big on buying American, for example, because this was our country that had taken us in), he emphasized the importance of always voting. I don’t think I’ve ever missed a chance to vote in the 30 years I’ve been eligible. And I’m donating to end voter suppression here too— basically, my immigrant dad raised me to believe that voter suppression was un-American, and while unfortunately it’s all too common in America, he was absolutely right.

  4. Thanks for sharing! I ordered one of each because it’s a shirt that a public school teacher like me can wear in an election (when I can’t wear a shirt supporting the candidate of my choice). Also, it won’t go out of date!

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