12 Replies to “Dana’s Edit: Things Are Changing”

  1. I love this so much, and so glad I can call you friend. ❤️🌈

  2. I hope that the link for the comments today is working, there was no place to put my email address

    1. On the form on my post or on MDK’s site? My form doesn’t require an email, I just want feedback and wanted to let it be anonymous.

  3. I just sent through a suggestion on MDK. I will be interested to watch your evolution, and support your decisions, as I think you are a thoughtful and inspiring voice. Thank you.

  4. I’d like to think I’m fearless in my knitting…(I can read a pattern therefore I can knit 😆)… And working daily to be more fearless in life. Love your blog here and when you are on MDK. I pray those on the MDK blog who say they just want knitting will come to understand we just can’t hide our eyes and ears and hearts any longer.

  5. I am excited to see the changes you will bring! I think you shine because you are authentic and you share from the heart. It resonates with your readers. You share the risks that you take as you try new things, which is inspiring and empowering. Bring it on! ☺

  6. You are a good person, Dana. Thank you for being such an inspiration.

  7. I love it & I want more. More of your writing!

    Talking about fear really resonated with me. I try not to make decisions from fear (large or small) but I have a ton of anxiety so often I do. I’m a really good knitter and I’ve never made a sweater! I’d like to change that.

    I think your writing about things other than knitting is great and I value it. MDK has always had plenty of non-knitting content that left me cold – the shows, cooking, and other things just weren’t for me – but I came back for the knitting. Now for the first time, the non-knitting content is also mattering to me. THANK YOU.

    Everything is politics, truly, and all our choices (including crafting choices :)) are political and they always have been. But a lot of us can’t see that yet.

  8. Thank you Dana. For your courage, your thoughtful and well written comments, and for challenging all of us to see the world differently. I have long credited you Inspiring me to reach beyond the timid gray and neutral and start using bright colors in my knitting; now I appreciate that you are challenging me to be courageous and creative in my world view. Continue!!

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