Always Teaching

Since I’ve started teaching this fall I’ve had a much more flexible schedule. My busiest days of the week are Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday so my Thursdays and Fridays are usually fairly low key. I grade papers and prep for the week but over the last two months I’ve had the opportunity to hang out with my Mom. Her friend Ann told me she wanted to knit a sweater for her grandson like all of the little ones I make. She already knew how to knit and purl but didn’t know how to read a pattern or gauge so I invited Ann and my Mom to come over for knitting lunch on Thursdays. It’s been fun and hilarious. My Mom does not knit but she’s always good company and over the last two months I’ve helped Ann manage the Child Sophisticate sweater and the final results are in!
We opted out of the shawl collar for now, I didn’t think she was ready to learn about wrap and turn. I challenged her enough with knitting on double points for those little sleeves. But I was so proud of what she was able to make for her grandson, Lucas! Her son is in a fraternity and the colors are purple and gold and she wanted his son to have a sweater to match his fraternity sweater. It’s so adorable, I can’t wait to see the pics when he wears it! In other project news…
I’ve been only working on this great brioche hat pattern, Liebelle, on my commute. I love the crazy combination of colors I’ve picked and adore the pattern BUT I don’t know if it will fit with my new wild hair! LOL I’ve just been kind of letting my hair grow and it’s like a wild pompadour, so we shall see if I end up giving this one away and making myself something bigger.
And just to end this post on a cute note…we are in full on sweater season in my house. Jellybean is cozy as can be. Look at that little leg popped up. I adore her. Have a great weekend!

9 Replies to “Always Teaching”

  1. The Hat looks awesome! Just out of curiosity, on your tablet or phone is this how you follow your patterns? If so, how do you cross the lines out as I assuming it is a finished row.
    Thank you!

    1. I follow on my iPad and I use an app called JKnitLite that I use. You can highlight the row and move the highlight line up as you progress. For more complex repeats I may write it out on my iPad and check them off as I go along.

  2. My little dog loves to lay in the same place. I call it his heated hammock!

  3. omg – you mention your hair and don’t give us a photo!!??

  4. Congrats to Ann… The first sweater is a huge milestone, and this one is adorable! I love that you are such a natural teacher that you find ways to do it on your days off. It’s clearly a calling as well as a job. I’m definitely going to track down the app you mentioned. So tired of losing my place on tablet-based patterns. Thanks!

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