Monday & Mason Dixon Knitting

Mason Dixon Knitting Feature
Well, Mason Dixon Knitting asked me a few questions about my blog and knitting after seeing my pic on the Pom Pom Magazine Instagram feed the other week. That interview is up and featured on their site today! What a fun way to start my week as a knitter they love.

And in knitting news, I finished the Askews Me Shawl I’m gifting to a friend last night (i-cord bind-offs are lovely but take so long when you have 300+ stitches). It is currently drying and I’ll weave in the two ends I’ve got and photograph it to share this week before it goes to its new home. I can’t wait to gift this one, it’s so squishy and pretty!

My Monday is off to a great start, I hope your Monday is fabulous.

42 Replies to “Monday & Mason Dixon Knitting”

  1. Wow, Girlfriend….you are getting around!! Well done!

  2. hey, congrats on the mason Dixon article! I always read them after your blog and they did you proud!!! your blog is rightly named cause it makes us knitters happy when we read it and challenges me to knit more!!! lol good job

  3. Wow!!! Such an inspiring interview on MDK! Congratulations! I so enjoy your blog!

  4. Congratulations on the Mason Blog post! It was a great piece, covering your 3 favorite things: Yarn/Knitting, Friends/Family, and the ‘girls’! Very well done! Way to go DWJ!!!

  5. Congratulations on the wonderful Mason Dixon Blog post!! Very exciting. Keep sharing your joy and inspiration!

  6. Wow, for Monday was refreshing to read MDK interview. Your excitement of knitting is infectious. I’m a thrower knitter which take me longer, but you have encouraged me to keep going. Many blessings

  7. Hi,hi,hi,hi! I am so happy to have found your blog and Instagram (via Mason Dixon )! The picture of you and Bean with the matching Tees delights me to no end-I love your smiling face and the obvious love you have for your pup! I,too learned to knit just a few years ago and I am a huge dog lover. Thanks for the inspiration!

    1. Hi, Kathy and welcome!! I totally love and obsess over my dogs so you’ll definitely get that here.

  8. Great MDK article which introduced me to you and your blog. Love all the matching sweaters. I knit a sweater for my step-son’s rat terrier, but in spite of shivering in the cold, doesn’t like to have anything on…needless to say, that was the only sweater she got. I will enjoy watching your projects roll off your needles. We live in SoCA, so I prefer to knit lace 😊.

    1. Ooooh lace! I feel like I would probably just knit all the cotton if I lived in in SoCal.

  9. Hi Dana, I’m a fairly new follower but I just wanted to comment and tell you that your blog and your knitting make me so happy. I love your positivity and joyful ness and your sweet little dogs. I haven’t really knit for myself much in the past, but I’ve been inspired this year by blogs such as yours to knit more for me. You’ve inspired me to start up a cotton Tecumseh in spring colours. Thank you!
    Laura (lorcoops on Ravelry)

    1. Laura, welcome!! And yes, all that work and time we put into knitting – we should give ourselves a gift!

  10. Loved the article on Mason Dixon Knitting’s blog. You do indeed too make me happy. Your knitting is creative, colorful and whimsical! when it comes to knitting, what could be better than those adjectives.

    Given especially recent news headlines. I appreciated your candor with your comments about suicide. As an antidote to depression/isolation, we need ways for people to be in community. And yet, it seems the very organizations where people could find community like service clubs, social clubs, and church group sare falling out of favor. Knitting is the PERFECT way to be in community, share creative joy, stimulate others’ creativity, and especially what our brains need, namely to solve problems with successful outcomes. Knitting DOES ALL THIS and more!!! I live in Southern California, just North of Disneyland. I only know one knitter in my area. I wish there was something like a gym for knitting, where everyone gets together to both workout and then knit. Yeah, that would be wonderful. When it comes to tending my own mental health,I am very thankful for the knitting community I have found online.

    Congratulations on being featured now in Ravelry and in the M&D blog. Couldn’t have chosen a better subject!

  11. Hi Dana, I found you through Mason Dixon Knitting and am so glad I did! Everything about your blog is just a delight. I am a new knitter (since Christmas) and am having such a great time soaking up as much as I can. It is inspiring what you have been able to accomplish in 7 years of knitting! If I can only do a fraction as much I will be thrilled. Keep up the great work! Jennifer

    1. Ooh you’re a true newbie!! There’s so much to learn and YouTube is an awesome resource!

  12. So happy to see you on MDK, and such a nice interview. 🙂

  13. Great interview on MDK! I love how you are always so upbeat and look forward to seeing what you’ll knit next.

  14. How exciting!!!! And good for MDK! I can’t imagine a better way to spread the joy of knitting than by turning people on to your wonderful blog!! ❤️

  15. I’m so happy that Mason Dixon knitting introduced me to you! What a joy! Thank you for brightening up my day.

  16. Great interview but I’m surprised it took them this long to discover your wonderful blog and infectious smile!

    1. Aww thanks. I actually just celebrated 3 years of blogging about a week ago. Totally forgot!

  17. Hi Dana. I just read the article on the Mason Dixon website and couldn’t wait to check out your blog. Your photos are delightful and brought me great joy this morning. You are an inspiration to knitters, both experienced and new. I look forward to starting my day reading your blog. Thank you so much for sharing!

  18. I really enjoyed your interview with MDK. I hadn’t read your blog before. Your use of color is so inspiring and cheerful. Thanks for sharing your beautiful projects.

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