Weekend Expectations

No new pictures of progress so here’s one of Cher napping on the couch. I finished the bulky brioche baby blanket last night, I just need to wash it and dry it and I will be delivering it on Saturday. It’s also my oldest sister’s birthday on Tuesday so we’re celebrating this weekend.

I hope to make more progress on my custom design poncho. I’ve got one slit created by knitting the piece in 3 panels – so 1 panel down, 2 more to go. Other than that, no major plans this weekend. What about you?

4 Replies to “Weekend Expectations”

  1. I’m busy packing projects for a trip to the coast and I’m taking my sweater that I started when I went to the beach last. You are so inspiring!

    1. You are too sweet 🙂 Oh enjoy your trip. I need to plan a vacation for myself soon!

  2. Looks like Cher is worn out 🙂 sounds like a low key weekend for you. My knitting group is headed to a yarn mill today and I’m gonna try and get a run in before we leave and when we get back I hope to finish the 2d summer tank I’ve knitted for my niece 😉

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