My Valentine to You…

If you follow me on Instagram you may have seen this already but I just had to share it here because I love it so.
Moose on the loose!
I was leaving Marshalls the other day and hanging randomly on a rack at checkout was a moose sweater in Cher’s size.
Moose on the loose!
How could I resist? Tiny little antlers on a hoodie of a nicely made wool sweater for a tiny dog who is always cold this time of year.
Moose on the loose!
If only the little moose would stop running and I could get a clearer picture. Happy Valentine’s day from the moose on the loose in my house.

7 Replies to “My Valentine to You…”

  1. Lol! The little Moose is embarassed by the damage that will be done to her ‘Doggie Rep’ if this gets out so she is running from the camera! Hahaha! Gotta admit, she looks really cute though 😉

  2. “There’s a Moose on the Loose” one of our FAVORITE books! Our girls loved that book, Must remember to buy two copies to give them for their future kids.

  3. Oh my goodness, I had forgotten about this post. I’ve been re-reading your blog and this is one of my most favorite posts! It’s made me laugh so hard (as I blow my nose yet again on a sick day). Best wishes to you as always and thanks for sharing the bright spot that is color and loving little dogs.

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