Stitching Status: The Laundry List

So I’ve got a laundry list of things I want to do, things I should do and things I’m just not motivated to do. These are lists in life and in knitting (I’m talking about you, homework I assigned but am too tired to grade). LOL My girlfriend Rachel, who reads this blog (hi, Rachel!) is about to have a baby girl in a few weeks and I want to knit her a blanket because 1. I love Rachel 2. I knit her son a blanket that he still loves (pictured below) BUT I hate knitting baby blankets nowadays. The struggle is real, it’s a lot of the same stitch and I’d rather knit a sweater…for myself. But I have vowed to start working on the little lady’s blanket this weekend. I bought bulky yarn a while ago (a fun combo of greys, white and lavender), I’ve got size 13 needles and I’m going to make something soft and cuddly. I just don’t know what pattern yet.
Bridgeman Blanket
For her son’s blanket they were going with a very red, white and blue nautical vibe. So I picked out a fun cable pattern and made did a different stitch for each color on his blanket. I have loved how over the years Rachel refers to it as his “special blanket” and even though I’m only around her son once a year or so, when she tells him I’m the lady who made said special blanket he perks up. Kids are just the cutest. I have considered casting on this Falling Bobbles Blanket from Purl Soho BUT I was traumatized knitting bobbles on this very lovely bobble hat and I think I’ve made enough bobbles to last me a lifetime. We shall see what I end up creating this weekend.
In the meantime, I’ve started yet another sweater. Meet my Colorblocked Lesley sweater, it’s from the Home & Away collection by Hannah Fettig. I still had several balls of the Macaw colored Mighty Stitch yarn after I finished my Green Garter Raglan, so I added a royal blue (Celestial) and white to my stash to make a fun and bright color blocked project. I’m also trying to stash bust and go through a lot of what I have in my workshop so I can have less clutter. I think the bottom ribbing will be blue and the cuffs will be ribbed with white, I want to mix it up. And so far everything I’ve knit in 2016 has had green in it – clearly this is my favorite color and what I should knit with all the time. It just makes me happy.
Yarn dyeing
Also I’m pretty excited that on Sunday, I’m taking a Dye Workshop at Neighborhood Fiber Co in Baltimore! In 2014 my BFF Jess and I dyed yarn in my kitchen (pictured above) over the Thanksgiving break and I loved it but want to learn more, so when I saw a fairly local yarn business was doing workshops I decided to jump at the chance to broaden my knowledge. I love yarn, so I’m excited to see what I create in class on Sunday! Have a great weekend everyone!



I’m back to my office and my classroom after a good 12 days off because of travel and blizzard. Since getting home Friday morning I’ve finished one toddler cardigan, one adult sized cardigan and a super bulky weight hat. I’ve snapped a few pics of them both on my kitchen table but not on myself or the baby…I’ll get to it at some point. So here’s a sneak peek at her finished sweater. It’s super cute and I’m hoping it fits her nicely.

Why is it that as soon as I get back to work I always feel like I have zero time? I have loved these last few days of lounging on the couch, drinking tea, knitting and clearing out the DVR. I missed my husband and dog something awful while I was away so it was nice to have them both all to myself for a few days without any obligations (other than to walk the dog – and she was a trooper in the snow). Also, we watched all 10 episodes of Making a Murderer on Netflix and I highly recommend it. But today I’m back to reality. I’ve got homework to grade, presentations to prepare and lots of work to do. Hopefully I can sneak in some more knitting time in the evening.

So what’s new with you? Anything exciting going on? Do share!

Snow Days

My husband and I made our flights home within 30 minutes of each other on Friday, just a few hours before Blizzard Jonas hit our area. I don’t know if I’ve ever hugged him so tightly as I did when I saw him in the airport. All that stress and anxiety I had all week just melted away when he hugged me. Clearly he gives the best hugs, they always make me feel like everything is going to be okay. And despite the 20+ inches of snow, everything is okay.
Before Kendell left for his business trip he went to the grocery store, so I already had a freezer and fridge full of supplies when I got home. So we hankered down and have been binge watching How to Make a Murderer on Netflix. And my first subscription to Yarnbox arrived! I didn’t start anything with the yarn yet because I wanted to finish off a cardigan for Maddie (I did – details later this week) and then I started stash busting and am almost finished with another cardigan/jacket for myself (more details later this week).
But this yarn is just dreamy. I’ve been wanting to make something for one of my aunts and her favorite color is green so this might be perfect for her. Now to just settle on the project I want to make with it.
All I can say is that @kenyc24 is awesome. Shovels snow and walks Cher without any complaint. ๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜˜๐Ÿ‘ #cherstagrams #snowmageddon
So this is us right now. A huge wall of snow that’s way taller than Cher (she’s been such a good girl and a trooper in the snow). Our neighbors were all out shoveling yesterday and Kendell is always the guy helping all of our older retired women out on our block. I think he shoveled out at least 3 other spaces. But we’re okay. No work, no class, a fridge full of food and good company. I’m thoroughly enjoying my snow days. How’s the weather where you are?