Family Is Everything

Can I be honest? I am exhausted. I was sick pretty much the entire month of August (and still have a cough and an ear ache), work has been nonstop, school is back in full swing and I am so physically tired. BUT I am hanging in there. I also woke up a bit weary this morning thinking about the 14th anniversary of September 11. I was here in DC 14 years ago and remember how scary that day was and how it wrapped a blanket of sadness and fear around us and I just don’t want to be sad today. I want to keep being hopeful for the future. So I’m going to blog about knitting and family and happiness because if I don’t think about the good, the bad stuff overshadows it all.
Last weekend I was in Memphis, TN for a couple of different reasons, the main one being to celebrate the life of my father. Six months after his passing we had his memorial service in his hometown at my parent’s home parish. It was hard but I think we all needed it to move forward in the grieving process. After it was over I felt like this big weight was lifted off of my shoulders, my husband said the same thing to me that night too. The planning, the pictures (I designed his memorial cards, programs, etc) were hard. Looking at his image still chokes me up a bit but it was nice to hear family and friends share their stories of love and admiration for my Dad. He really was a kind man, full of love and laughter. I miss him so but I try to think of the things he wanted for me and just hope I make him proud with the way I live my life.
My other reason for being in Memphis was to celebrate my Aunt’s 90th birthday. I got to give her the cardigan I knit for her on her actual birthday and she loved it so much she brought it with her to her party that weekend “in case she got cold.” Oh that made my heart feel so good. She truly loved it and whenever she wears it she will always think of me. Of course her bringing that cardigan with her meant my cousins made requests for their own sweaters…I politely moved on to other conversations whenever someone would bring up what I could knit for them next. LOL
I left Sunday morning so I could have a day to myself at home, get myself ready for this insane week but it will still nice to see my family. I have a million cousins (this is just a small fraction) but I just loved this selfie I took with a handful of them and my sisters on Saturday. It was a good and healing weekend, just what I needed for what I think is going to be an insanely busy fall.

Have a good weekend everyone!

3 Replies to “Family Is Everything”

  1. You have a great weekend too lady! Lovely picture of your family and I agree … they are everything. (((hugs)))

  2. what a beautiful group of women! and the pic of you and your Dad reminded me of losing my Dad 😦 But it was great they way you put it “don’t think of the bad” be hopeful! words to live by 🙂

  3. Hi….I love your website. I discovered it either June or May of this year. Your enthusiasm is contagious. You had posted about headphones that you really liked to use. They came in various colors. I cannot find on your website where that was mentioned. Do you mind forwarding the name onto me.
    Thanks so much
    Bonnie Jackson

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