In My Stash: Madelinetosh Vintage in Helen

So much yarn
Hi, my name is Dana and I’m a yarnaholic. I’ve come to realize that over the last year and I’m totally okay with it because that’s the first step, acceptance. I LOVE buying gorgeous yarn. When I travel I typically say, “oh I’ll buy a couple of skeins of this and then I’ll always think of {insert city, event or person} when I wear whatever this becomes…” But then it takes me forever to figure out what it will become! But that’s also part of the fun.
This is what my yarn wall looked like when my husband first put up the peg board in the office…and now it’s full and I have more bins underneath. In my defense, I will say this is my yarn high season. I stock up in the summer when there are sales in order to prep for sweater knitting season (one sister has already outlined things she requires: cowl neck, fitted, sleeves and it should wrap her up like a continuous knitted hug LOL) and by January my yarn wall will look much thinner again. So I thought I’d start to share a few of my special stashed skeins and tell you what I hope to do with them in a new series called In My Stash.
Madelinetosh Vintage in Helen
First up, this lovely limited edition color for Eat, Sleep, Knit in Madelinetosh Vintage named Helen. My sister (who gave me her list of sweater demands) is also named Helen and this colorway has all of her favorite colors in it so I had to buy the last 3 skeins left (it was released in the spring but I just found it last week). Since it’s only three skeins and the yarn I bought for her bigger knit is a deep indigo purple color I’m searching for the perfect scarf to make her with this.
Madelinetosh Vintage in Helen
She doesn’t really wear hats to so a big wrap or scarf and possibly some fingerless mitts if I have enough left will be just perfect for her. Once I finish it, of course I’ll share it here.

So am I the only yarnaholic? I can’t be!! What motivates you to pick up a skein of specialty yarn?

6 Replies to “In My Stash: Madelinetosh Vintage in Helen”

  1. Basically- the color grabs me, and the softness won’t let me go. I call it The Shakedown. It’s happened to me many, MANY times.

  2. Well, you’ve only got the one wall. I don’t think it’s too serious, as you do knit fast, and generally plough through it all during knit season rather than serious hoarding.

    But I love getting a peek into your stash. 😃 I don’t have my storage situation sorted as nicely as yours yet, so I try to get yarn on a need basis. If I could just convince my husband that yarn shopping is a legitimate part of sightseeing when on holiday, then my stash would look a lot healthier!

    1. Well fortunately or unfortunately my husband encourages it. I support all his golf playing and he supports my yard addiction. LOL

  3. Yes, I’m a yarnaholic too but at least buying yarn is not the WORST of the vices a person can have 😉

  4. Luscious is all I can say. I can’t even talk about stash issues cause I got that bug bad when I just started to knit. I can’t even begin to show you my stash. LOLOLOL!

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