FO: Sunshine Spindrift

Let’s start Monday off with a finished object, shall we? I finished the Spindrift cardigan for my sister over the weekend.
This was the cardigan I was excited to make because I got a chance to use the now discontinued Classic Elite Chateau yarn in such a sunny hue.
This is very simple and quick top down knit. I worked this up with bulky weight yarn on size 11 needles. I really like the diamond pattern that runs down the center panel and the side shaping is done with simple increases and decreases. And the best part?
It has patch pockets! Perfect size for my sister to carry around her work badge and cell phone. My sister has talked a lot about how cold her office is and sent me pictures while she’s bundled up in blankets so I thought this would be perfect with the snuggly garter stitch collar to keep her warm and cozy. This yarn is super light but after wearing it for a few minutes you realize how warm this alpaca blend really is, she’ll be very happy. I knit this in a size smaller than I would normally wear so I feel like it’s just a tiny bit snug for me. That means it’ll fit my sister. And this sunny yellow will totally brighten her day.

And in other news, I’ve got the entire week off before I start working! So that means lots of getting my house together, reading my new textbooks and lots of knitting!!