Stitching Status: Surviving the First 100

Despite living in Maryland I did not attend the Women’s March the other weekend. And surprisingly to many, I did not knit a single pink hat (although my Mom asked me to knit her one after the march and I intend to do that). In all honesty, living and working this close to the White House (when I step outside my office I have a bird’s eye view of the White House) is exhausting and this last week has been a doozy to say the least. So when I can’t handle it all I retreat and when I retreat I knit.
I’ve honestly felt like Jellybean here, wanting to bury my head in knitting. Wanting to turn off the news for a bit and just forget about everything that’s scaring me right now. It’s overwhelming and it’s only been a week! It’s probably why I’m on my 4th sweater of the month.
Fable in progress
I’m knitting instead of marching. I’m checking in on friends affected by the latest executive orders. I’m donating to all the causes I believe in because if I don’t protest the least I can do is donate. I’m doing what I can without losing my  mind. I’m trying not to be overwhelmed. So I hope you are doing the same too.

I’ll still be here, sharing in this space, trying to hold on to the good parts of life even when it feels like there’s a lot of bad taking over.