I have taken a long time away from this space because I have needed a lot of time to heal. I’m still healing. I have been told repeatedly that this recovery is a very long process. Having multiple pulmonary embolisms is no joke and I have been forced to slow all the way down. I’m fortunate that from the time I was hospitalized and the time I go back to work it will have been about four months, I am very fortunate. The first six weeks that I was home I was too mentally and physically exhausted to do much of anything, I couldn’t even knit! When I finally felt like I could read a knitting pattern again I was elated but my knitting is slower, I’m more distracted and sometimes I just need to do absolutely nothing. So I have been trying to be as kind to myself as I possibly can be because this is hard. I keep telling people, I look good on the outside, it’s the inside that’s a mess!

Knit Stars

Over the last few weeks I’ve started to feel better in a different way. There is always an underlying fatigue I feel all the time but my energy is picking up, my breathing has improved A LOT and I’m learning a new normal and trying to really listen to my body. I’ve realized there are just some things I cannot do right now, so I have to say no and set boundaries for myself and my healing. I was glad to finally start to feel like myself because I filmed my Knit Stars segments at the end of July. It was exhausting, but it was so fun. I’ve got some behind the scenes things to share but I’ll share that soon. For now I just wanted to say thank you so much for all your messages and support. Slowly but surely I’m finding my new rhythm and figuring out how to make things work.

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  1. Sending continued good thoughts for healing, rest, recovery and doing exactly what you need to do to get well. Thank you for sharing this update & adorable picture.

  2. I am so happy that you are continuing to heal. My husband is three years post bilateral sub-massive pulmonary embolisms. His lung scan looked like the Milky Way with all the clots scattered throughout his lungs. He is back to being “whole” but it does take time and self care.

  3. Hey there. I have been unplugged for a little while because life was just getting in the way and had no me time so I had no idea you have been sick. I’m soo sorry that you have had to deal and are still dealing with this. Of course I will keep you in prayer and you know the answer is in taking it one day at a time. Love to you and the family. You will get through.

  4. Dear Dana, How scary! I’m glad you’re recovering and listening to your body. Easy does it and take good care. I’m sending healing light, prayers and love for you.
    Kristine LeBlanc 🤗

  5. All the best to you as you continue to recover and find your new normal. 💜

  6. I check every day for updates from you and am so glad that you posted this. Healing can be so slow! I am glad you are taking care. Be well and know that many folks are sending you their very best wishes. I will include mine, as well, coming to you from New Mexico.

  7. Thank goodness you’re feeling better, Dana. I know where you’re coming from because I’ve been there.

  8. Thank you for sharing your progress and your mental adjustments to the process of healing and your current normal. I need to remember all the same parameters for my healing process. My process can be four to five years. Good news is I am two years into the recovery, at least half way. Your blog entry is so powerful that I will print for frequent rereading to keep my mind, body and spirit looking forward to a complete recovery. I am up to walking up four steps at a time with out loosing my breath and I can iron one of my hubby’s work shirts with modified iron and ironing surface! . Next goal, six steps at a time and two shirts, maybe a dress! Happiness and Joy, LAB

  9. A new normal can be a hard thing to adapt to when you kind of like the old normal. However, even the hardest of things can be dealt with one wee adaptation at a time. Sending you a giant hug and wishes that before you know it, the new normal won’t be new, just normal.

  10. So good to see your smile. Take extra good care of yourself!

  11. All my best wishes to your new normal. You are taking such radical and generous care of yourself. Bravo. So glad for your sensitivity and care.

  12. I had no idea you were sick! So glad you’re improving. It will definitely take some time to heal. I am sending you healing thoughts!!!

  13. Sending you continued healing. Glad you are taking care of yourself. Sometimes the toughest boundaries to set are with ourselves.

  14. Oh Dana, it was so good to see this picture and your beautiful smile! We are all pulling for you. Take care, and go slow, and heal.
    It is reminding me of the smiles and tears of watching all those lovely videos of Playing For Change, with the musicians singing along with Bono on War- No More Trouble, or The Weight.
    We are trying with our thoughts and wishes, to help you bear the weight.

  15. Glad you are feeling better! I’m always humbled by healing because it’s a marathon, not a race. Take your time and enjoy nurse Jellybean.

  16. Happy birthday, Dana! Glad you are on the mend, and while we miss your posts, you need to take care of yourself! Be Well!

  17. I’m so glad you shared this. It’s important to give yourself permission to rest and reevaluate your expectations for yourself.

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