FO: Daydream Sweaters

Back in the fall, Manos del Uruguay yarns let me pick some yarn to make a sweater with and then share it here with you all. I picked their Feliz yarn in the very happy colorway Huarache, a lovely sport weight superwash merino and modal blend that is soft, light and has a great drape to it. I told them it might be a while because some projects just take time. I change my mind about what is the right pattern for the yarn and then getting started often takes a minute since I’m always knitting a billion things at once. The delay on this one came with the pandemic and my loss of knitting mojo.

Daydream sweater

But I’m happy to say after a long hiatus I finished the Daydream sweater knit with this lovely yarn. I know one of the questions I will get asked is if I alternated skeins and I only did that on the sleeves. I still got a little bit of pooling that ended up around the elbows and looks kind of cool (also pooling doesn’t bother me, I like to let the yarn do its thing).

Daydream sweater

I picked the Daydream sweater because I knew the yarn was going to be a bit wild with a rainbow of colors and I just wanted something simple to highlight the sweater design. I love the wide v-neck and the curved hem. There wasn’t any ribbing at all and it I knew with the modal in the yarn that the sweater would have a nice flowy drape to it. I’ve started to realize I don’t like tight clothes that touch me and I want things that kind of float away from the body. This did it.

Daydream sweater

My modifications were to knit the body slightly shorter since I’m short and to make my sleeves shorter because I want this to be something I can wear a lot and this is my preferred sleeve length. It’s so light that I can see wearing this on chilly fall days and cool spring nights, in addition to wearing it in winter with a layer underneath. I’ve knit several Heidi Kirrmaier designs and it is because I love how she writes patterns. The instructions are clear and concise and I’m never confused. I also love the simplicity in her designs that make her sweaters timeless pieces. Pair that with yarn that was a dream to knit with and I’m insanely happy with adding this one to my closet. Now to just keep my Mom from trying to steal it from me…perhaps I’ll let her borrow it.

32 Replies to “FO: Daydream Sweaters”

  1. Dana, that is one gorgeous sweater. Now I want to knit one!

    1. Your Daydream sweater is beautiful. I love your posts especially when you tell how you adapt a pattern to your style.

  2. I love how the elbows turned out! The way the sweater is shaped, especially as viewed in the side view, is lovely. A great combination of yarn and pattern. Well done!

  3. I LOVE the pooling in the elbows- it looks like an intentional design detail!

  4. Gorgeous sweater. I love how you know what you like—sleeve length, drape, body length, letting the yarn do its own thing, pattern designer—we knit because it’s fun and knowing your own preferences really locks in that fun!

  5. Wonderful job! I love the soothing colors of this sweater and the simple flowing pattern.

  6. I adore color pooling, and the first thing that caught my eye was the oh-so-subtle pooling at the elbow! Fabulous.

    1. . . . but the issues behind it all REMAIN. We, all of us, need to STAND IN THE GAP and do the work on the inside and the outside so that all mojo can shine! I resolutely comment to that work.
      I love Dana. I love Yards of Happiness. And I friction’ love that Daydream sweater!!!!!!

  7. Really nice! And i am so glad to hear that you – ( like me, atleast 5) have a billion projects in the mix. There is nothing like a well written pattern, too!

  8. So beautiful! The perfect pattern for the yarn. Your versions of sweaters are always the best!!

  9. I love that sweater and I love the floaty aspect of it! It’s definitely going on my short list of projects. Weird question – what is the color of the gorgeous wall behind you? I’m painting a house in a few weeks and would love a room in that color.

  10. I love the way that fits and I’m with you – I want clothes that aren’t tight, too. This is really great and it fits you perfectly.

  11. Looks great on you- thanks too for explaining your adaptations. Enjoy!

  12. This is so pretty. I love it! The pooling at the elbows is fabulous. I love it when pooling works out perfectly.

  13. I’m with you, I like the effects of pooling. Lovely sweater—it’s soft but vibrant and looks so pretty on you.

  14. Perhaps your mom needs one of her own? Looks like a winner!

  15. Hi, Dana. What a lovely sweater. I always appreciate your comments about fit and choice of yarn. Yes, I’ve been knitting for a long time, but haven’t always had access to a wide variety of styles of pattern or materials. Your posts have made me a better, braver knitter!

  16. Such a great combo of the yarn and the pattern! You did a lovely job!
    I am with you – I don’t like things touching me – I struggle with figuring out what size to knit and NOT making a giant sweater that is too big! Love this and looking forward to seeing Jellybean’s version!

  17. I love the pooling at the elbow! That really worked out well, and the hem too. Lovely!

  18. I like your approach to just letting the yarn do its thing. I think the pooling around the elbow actually adds a unique touch to your sweater. I always appreciate when makers share designers they like. I will definitely check out her patterns! Also, I’m happy for you that you can knit again. I hope that knitting and Animal Crossing are bringing you lots of joy and pleasure.

  19. Dana, Love the sweater, would love to “ borrow “ it!

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