New Series: Dana’s Edit

Stacks of sweaters

I’ve got a new series on Mason-Dixon knitting! A monthly column called Dana’s Edit. Every month I’ll be sharing sweaters that are on my radar, old and new patterns I find when I’m doing a deep dive on Ravelry – because that’s what I do in my free time. LOL

Pop on over to Mason-Dixon Knitting today for my first series on spring knits I’m thinking about. And don’t worry, I’ll always blog here too.

23 Replies to “New Series: Dana’s Edit”

  1. Congrats! I’m happy to hear this. Next stop- your new column!

  2. Hooray for a monthly column! I already went and read it – so much fun and inspiration!! I love reading about the reasons why something works for you, be it yarn or pattern!

  3. I love mason dixon knitting almost as much as your blog so what a win win for me!!! congrats to you and what a great plus for mason dixon

  4. just read your first installment on MDK, loved it! Great pieces that you featured, all constructed in different ways, way to go! Don’t forget Togue Pond, you LOVE that one! 😉 Great job DWJ, but how are your studies going? Keeping on track?

  5. I LOVE your blog!! I can’t believe how prolific you are and I love the bright colors you choose. It’s my bright spot when I see your posts in my inbox. I found you through snippets which I also love.

  6. MDK column is awesome, I can’t get enough! I love your yarny/project aesthetic. Working on getting mine out of the dull zone and into bright and beautiful!

  7. Congratulations, Dana. Great start to more DWJ. I read MDK and your blog daily.

  8. Congratulations! I love seeing where your passion is taking you!

  9. Oh that’s wonderful! I so look forward to your blog posts, but seeing your column on Mason-Dixon will be an added treat! Congratulations — well deserved.

  10. Congrats! That’s how I found you ~ Sounds wonderful and since I am kinda new to sweater knitting… perfect! Thanks for all your info.

  11. Congrats! I saw your MDK post yesterday and added a couple of the tops mentioned to my Rav queue. Looking forward to future posts, and hopefully, the motivation to knit more sweaters.

  12. Yay! Double Yards of Happiness. You have such a great color sense and the patterns you pick always get me wanting to cast-on a new project.

  13. Congratulations! You are a prolific knitter and I love seeing all your completed knitting projects.

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