A Quiet Week

I’m popping in and sharing a little brioche progress just to say this may be a quiet week for me. I’ve got retreats and orientation and prep for school starting but I’m sneaking in stitches too! I’ll pop in when I can but I wanted to say have a wonderful week!

10 Replies to “A Quiet Week”

  1. You have a great week! Very exciting! When I am knitting, I will send good thoughts your way in the hope that you too can get some knitting time. Maybe during a meeting????

  2. Wonderful colors to start the week off! Hope you’re having fun! šŸ™‚

  3. Gorgeous colors! Have a wonderful week and I hope you can squeeze in a bit of knitting here and there. I’m an ex-elementary school teacher and know how hectic the new school year is! So, I’m going to send positive knitting vibes out into the Universe for you and put in some stitches on a project for you as I do it!

  4. Beautiful-love the color. Brioche is next on my list. Hope you squeeze in some knitting time, Dana.

  5. Have a wonderful week also, Dana! Getting some courage to try and knit some brioche. Looks so awesome that it must be very difficult!.

  6. Thanks for the tip about Knitpicks square interchangeable. Square needles make a significant difference in how my arthritic hands feel while knitting. I don’t need to grip as tightly.

    I think you’ve about convinced me to try brioche.

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