Which Project? Cardigan or Pullover

Can I say I loved the comments about what your stash looks like? I liked whenever a notification came through. My favorite came from Zen Knitter, “S.A.B.L.E Stash amount beyond life expectancy!” LOL that definitely sums up my yarn stash. And although I’ve been good about going through my stash this year, I have made yarn purchases and one of them with a lot of my favorite yarn from Periwinkle Sheep, Intent. She had a sale and was selling it for $15 a skein and I bought all the skeins of her Rose Quartz colorway (10 skeins in total).
Rose Quartz Intent Yarn
It’s a gorgeous soft muted pink, I know most folks this about me wearing bold color but I actually wear a lot of pink in every shade and this one was calling out to me. But I need help deciding what I will make with it. I considered making the Tamarack (Hers) sweater with it but I’ve actually got a really vivid bright pink in my stash of Berroco Vintage Chunky that I think will work (or I may knit it for this sweater – I’m too indecisive). But I think I’ve narrowed it down to three options and I’d love some feedback.

Option 1: Gabrielle pullover

Gabrielle Sweater via Ravelry
Gabrielle Sweater via Ravelry

I always feel like my closet is lacking pullovers and I love the open panel down the front on this one. I could wear a ton of different tanks underneath it.

Option 2: Marylebone cardigan

Marylebone cardigan via Ravelry
Marylebone cardigan via Ravelry

This isn’t my normal pick. I love a cardigan but this has cables and reverse stockinette stitch body. It’s got a bit of interest but the pale pink won’t compete too hard with the cables.

And my wildcard option: Newale cardigan

Newale Cardigan via Ravelry
Newale Cardigan via Ravelry

Another cardigan but with a more feminine shape to it. I can see pairing this one with dresses a lot.

So help me out and vote below. I’ll reveal the results on Friday! 

Voting closed!

24 Replies to “Which Project? Cardigan or Pullover”

  1. Hi! The yarn is beautiful!! I’m not gonna choose one of the options. They just don’t talk to me (sorry). Have you considered the Carbeth Cardigan?

    1. Yup, I’ve knit a Carbeth cardigan with this yarn in a lovely bright green for myself and a red for my cousin 🙂

  2. The Gabrielle would look gorgeous on you in that color.

  3. I just love a cardigan so either of those (or another) would be my choice. They’re just so nice for fall when the temperature can be cool but a pullover sweater is just too much. Whatever you decide on will look great in that yarn. It’s so pretty!

  4. I chose Newale because it’s similar to Goodale, which is short-sleeved and I’m going to start on that one in a few weeks. I love the funky pockets on both sweaters and the swingy openness of both sweaters. 🙂

  5. I really like ALL 3 choices! Absolutely luv anything with cables (my personal favorite) but I can see the Gabrielle pullover in this yarn & it will look beautiful on you!! Can’t wait to see the FO you create with this yarn 🙂

  6. good morning! I love love that yarn and the color.. I think I would pick the newale cardigan even tho I am not a cardigan person, I think the pattern and the yarn are perfect..of course whatever you make with it will be awesome!!! happy deciding

  7. I pick opt 2 because I’ve been debating whether to knit MYSELF a cable sweater for the winter . . . so if you do opt 2 than that will motivate me, maybe, to do a cable project as well 😉

  8. I like that Marlybone cardigan and her patterns are usually fun to knit

  9. I voted for Marlyebone!

    I agree about the pale color and the cables, but really I love this sweater. I always like Bristol’s patterns (details, details!), great style and fit plus always something new in design or technique. The way the cable columns on the back widen to the bottom edge, or flow down the sleeve from the saddle shoulder, the button band, and I’m a fan of long sleeves (always look so cool, can fold cuff and/or push up when needed.)

    If you’re a cardigan, you have me at Pockets. (whew…didn’t mean to go on so!)

    1. I love how Bristol’s mind works, which is one of the few reasons I’m willing to give her cabled cardigan a go (I’m not a big fan of cabling).

  10. Your sweaters always fit you so beautifully! And, that pink would be stunning in Newale on you!

  11. I voted for the Newale Cardigan. It looks so classy and could be dressed up or down depending on the situation. Of course I think any of the three will be gorgeous though. 🙂

  12. I vote NEWALE long sleeve version of GOODALE. I knit the GOODALE without the turn back for the pockets, not sure if you could do the same with NEWALE. I have an aversion to pockets on hand knits, always stretch out and look sloppy. IMHO

  13. The Gabrielle Pullover, a unique sweater, my first choice. The Marylebone cardigan would be my second because of the cables. Cables makes beautiful garments.The yarn is beautiful. Which method do you use to knit?

  14. They are all very beautiful, but if I have to choose one, I vote for Newale. Love the idea of a cardigan that you can wear with dresses. Looks so classy and so feminine!

  15. I vote for option #3, Newgale Cardigan. The pale pink color ways should give this cardigan an interesting look!

  16. Gabrielle – I think the pale pink would be lovely and your idea of wearing different colored camis underneath would be awesome

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