Holiday Cheer

I’ve been swamped and haven’t actually taken pictures of my smaller projects I want to share. So instead I will share with you pics I have taken…of the dogs being festive.
Happy holidays
Christmas is coming you guys. It’s December 5th!
Santa's helpers
Since Cher already had a Santa sweater I bought Jelly a little elf sweater so they wouldn’t be so matchy matchy and I love it. I actually had them wearing these all day since they were warm and cozy. Added bonus, when Jelly would play and roll around she thought the pom pom on her hood was a toy and proceeded to attempt to eat it. She’s so feisty.
Santa's helpers
I’m sure it is silly to some but to me, dressing them up and taking photos helps me get into the holiday spirit. And since they bring me such joy and happiness I felt the need to share.
Santa's helpers
Happy ‘paw’lidays LOL

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