New Kid on the Block: Jellybean

Oh what a weekend and a chaotic start to my work week! We got a new family member on Saturday – meet Jellybean!
Jellybean is a 4 year old female chihuahua that we got from Cher’s alma mater rescue group, Hart Rescue in VA. I saw her adoption post on their website and I sent it to my husband in a text and just wrote, “Um..I want her.” He text me back that we should go visit her at an adoption event with Cher on Saturday, so we did. We’ve looked at getting a second dog before but none where a good fit. Jelly (as I like to call her) is a bit timid, was an owner surrender but clearly had been loved and doted on – her nails were still painted. She just seems to need a little care and time to trust.
She is my constant shadow right now and so was Cher when we first brought her home. I’m hoping with time and trust that we won’t abandon her she’ll warm up more and not feel like she has to track every move I make. I’m also hoping we can work out this new daytime timeline so I stop finding tiny pee puddles on my rugs. Thankfully all my rugs are machine washable and I don’t have carpet in the house but getting into a good potty routine will make me feel a lot better and her as well. Also walking two dogs on a leash that go at separate speeds and paces…talk about a workout!
Cher doesn’t seem to be bothered with a little sister and I think she likes following up after Jelly for crumbs. Today I left them blocked off in separate sections of the house but I have a feeling when I get home they’ll be together on the couch. They’re slowly making friends. I’m just thankful Cher isn’t aggressive and as long as Jelly lets her have her preferred spots on my lap or on the couch she’s fine.
But really, this little waddle she does, that tiny cute face like Cher’s. I honestly couldn’t resist making her a part of our family. Even Kendell thought as tiny as she is, she packs a lot of cuteness into one dog. So welcome to Jellybean!

14 Replies to “New Kid on the Block: Jellybean”

  1. Ohhhhh!!! Ohh! Ohhhhh!!!!!!!! How exciting!!!I’m so happy for all of you!! Wishing you every wonderful thing in your life together!!! Welcome little Jellybean!! ❤ ❤ ❤

    1. HA! I knew you’d be the first one to be excited about our girl Jellybean 🙂 She’s the sweetest and it’s only been 2 days but I think we’re going to get along great. I’m super excited about her.

      1. My heart is absolutely overflowing with happiness for all of you–especially precious little Jellybean! She has found such a wonderful family. You guys are the BEST!!

  2. Congratulations on the new addition to the family! 🙂

    1. HAHAH yes! And since she’s so small she’s always shivering. Sweaters are definitely in her future.

      1. Big sister-little sister sets coming up on the Christmas list, right??? So glad you’ve found this sweet pup.

  3. She is so cute! She and Cher look like they could be sisters 🙂

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