Transitional Pieces

I am constantly adding things to my list of what I want to knit for myself and things I want to knit for others. Currently I’m on a one for someone else, one for me plan. This lovely camel colored yarn is going to become the Louise Top Down from the Madder Anthology 2 collection. In this pattern she does a different colored sleeve and button band but I’m going to use a rainbow yarn I’ve had in my stash saving for just the right project. I figure a rainbow and the color camel are two neutrals, right? I’ll probably end up wearing this with everything.

After I work on that I’ve got another baby blanket to whip up for a little girl born last week who we’re going to visit at the end of the month, a few baby clothes for the blanket I finished last week for Rachel (Rachel, you should get it in the mail today!) and then in March I’m going to Chicago to visit my cousin and hang with friends so of course I want to bring them something fun. I’m considering knitting Safia a purple, turquoise and black version of this sweater too. But what I’ve really been thinking about is what I want to knit as transitional pieces for spring.

Aeon Vest
Image via Ravelry

I’ve had vests on the brain and the Aeon Vest has floated to the top of my list. I love this bright blue my entire wardrobe is pretty bright and colorful. So I’m thinking of making it in a neutral (grey, navy or a deep burgundy) or a neutral with a bright pop of color on the lower half. I want something to layer over my floaty a line dresses or over jeans and a long sleeve tee. Plus, this has a set-in pocket and I haven’t done that yet so I want to try something new. Plus, I think my Mom would probably love one of these as well and I’ve wanted to make her something new. What kinds of pieces are you thinking of knitting for spring?

3 Replies to “Transitional Pieces”

  1. Can’t wait to see the long awaited baby blanket! 😉

  2. Ahhh a vest right now is a great idea! I currently full on selfishly knitting and am stuck on what to make past a cowl and beanie with warmer temps coming.

    1. Yeah I feel like I’ll want a vest come March so I should start planning for it now. I just have to decide the best color!

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