A Quick Note

Why does Berroco keep discontinuing my favorite yarns? Oh Berroco Elements, you sure have helped me make a gorgeous cardigan for my Aunt.
You know what this picture means? I finished Estelle! But I had to lightly block the collar and rushed out the door this morning so I don’t have any finished pics. So instead you get this silly picture of me trying the sweater on and taking a selfie with my selfie stick to show my Mom. With work, classes starting and life I haven’t had time to do much else but will post the full details on Friday! Have a happy Wednesday!

5 Replies to “A Quick Note”

  1. Beautiful sweater, I’m sure that Auntie Helen will love it !

    1. Wait until you see it fully blocked. This silver yarn and this pattern are a perfect combo!

  2. Woohhoooo!!!! Estelle is finished!!! šŸ™‚ It looks absolutely GOR-gggeeeooouuuusss!!!!

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