The Art of Accessories : Knitter’s Keep

Knitter's Keep

In my past blogging life I had a blog called the Art of Accessories. I talked about my favorite bags, shoes, tech and beauty accessories. Just because that blog doesn’t exist anymore doesn’t meant my love of accessories doesn’t still run deep! 

Enter my latest acquisition, the Knitter’s Keep. It’s a magnetic slap bracelet that comes with metal stitch markers, darning needles and cable hooks. BRILLIANT! So simple and yet so perfect. I’m forever finding stitch markers on the floor and under my couch or under my dog’s butt. This keeps it all in place and my scissors clamp on too. I’ve had an idea for a knitting gadget and this just makes me want to pursue creating it even more. This is a definite must have for your knitting bag, I promise! 

5 Replies to “The Art of Accessories : Knitter’s Keep”

  1. Ahh I saw these last year and have wanted one ever since! I also want a knitting abacus bracelet, but for the craft as a whole the knitters keeper is much more practical!

  2. You’re right, that IS the coolest!!! Wow! You find the handiest little gagdets! 🙂

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