Dana’s Edit: Representation Matters

Well, my summer is officially over! Even during a pandemic, summer always goes by too quickly. I have faculty meetings next week and then all my classes with be online the following week. So I’m adjusting to the new normal. I’ve also gotten my knitting appetite back so hopefully you’ll get more knitting around here too. But today I’ve got another column for MDK to share.

Dana's Edit: Representation Matters

This month I’m talking about representation in every space and how that related to knitting AND I’m sharing a few patterns that I’m thinking about adding to my queue. Pop on over to MDK to give it a read and enjoy the rest of your weekend.

6 Replies to “Dana’s Edit: Representation Matters”

  1. School is back. Glad for Miss Jellybean you are working from home.

  2. School is back. Glad for Miss Jellybean you are working from home.

  3. Hello knitting inspiration friend,
    My name is Suzanne and I’ve been a faithful follower of yours for a long time.
    Thank you for your words. You inspire me to be a better person ,opening my mind and heart to other people’s realities .
    What the world needs now are warm hearts, kindness, and outstretched hands of tolerance.
    May we all work together for these simple ideas.

  4. I’m glad you are doing online classes. One of my friends is an adjunct at a local university and is concerned for her safety as she will be in the classroom this fall. And I’m concerned because the school district where I have five granddaughters is going back to school with the only concern for Covid being the requiring of masks. I’m grateful for knitting, even though right now I am faced with two massive finishing projects.

  5. As a gay woman, I am often stereotyped out of my most consuming hobby, quiltmaking. It is an eye-rolling moment for me when I reassure my startled listener that I make quilts, something that is a heritage from both sides of my family. Thank you, thank you for using your blog as a platform to bust those stereotypes AND to show off your outstanding knits! (me and my wife are BIG fans of the Jellybean versions). Glad to be a long-time follower of your blog, and a very recent commenter too!

  6. So cool to come across a fellow HU alumn! I did NOT know you taught there! Wow, School of B, right? I graduated from Fine Arts. 🙂 Representation really does matter.

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