My Maryland Sheep & Wool Plan

This is a skein of yarn I bought at the Maryland Sheep and Wool Festival last year that I’m finally using for my test knit right now. My stash is overflowing with amazing yarn…so I think when I head to the festival on Sunday my bag won’t be brimming with yarn. I’ve got enough yarn (unless I see something awesome that I have to have). I think I want to buy myself a new swift. I have a small, very compact table top swift that I love but has grown a bit wobbly over the years. I don’t like umbrella swifts but last year I saw this swift at the show and I’ve thought of it ever since. But I don’t remember how it works! LOL So for me this year’s show might be more about tools than yarn but I’ll definitely give a recap next week.

If you’re going to the show and you see me on Sunday (I’m planning on getting there early and leaving around 1pm) say hi! I’d love to meet you 🙂

4 Replies to “My Maryland Sheep & Wool Plan”

  1. May comes so quickly! I thought I’d be able to make the Maryland Sheep and Wool festival this year, but it ain’t happening. It’s probably better that way. I need to work through some of my stash to make room for more yarn. Have fun! That swift looks great.

  2. Should be a great day to browse and just walk around soaking up all of those beautiful fiber colors! 🙂

  3. We had a great time at the show yesterday. The weather was good. I bought some beautiful Yarns. Have fun!

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