Knitters Paying it Forward

Have you seen it? The hashtag on Instagram, #knitterspayitforward. Knitters all over are spreading love and giving things away. You guys are my kind of people. Knitting people are the best people. Oh and crocheters…and spinners…ok, yarn people are the best people. With as dark and gloomy as a lot of us have felt this week after election night, take some time this weekend and do something nice for someone else. I know I will.


4 Replies to “Knitters Paying it Forward”

  1. I was so happy to see your post pop up. What a bright spot in a dark week. ❤

    1. I almost didn’t post and then I saw a random knitter paying it forward and thought this is too great of a ray of sunshine to not share or not do myself.

      1. Yes, yes, yes! Thank you for posting about it.

  2. I have begun choosing friends on FB who bring special joy to me and sending them small knitted gifts. I guess this isn’t paying it forward at all, but simply a way of expressing my gratitude for friendly presences out there. For the coming year, I hope to widen the circle.

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