12 Replies to “Stress Reliever”

  1. More of a nite mare that everyone hopes gets better

  2. I really can’t believe our country! I know we needed change,I just don’t think he’s ready for the job!LOTS of Prayers being said for him and for all of us! I pray I am wrong to be so concerned!

  3. My thoughts are with all of you in the U.S
    Just remember, Twaty-McTwatface can’t actually get away with half the stuff he spewed. It just sucks knowing that he managed to fool so many.

  4. Take care of yourself! Hope the knitting therapy keeps working for ya.

  5. I’ve been near tears all day. Got home, showered and now need to go knit. I’m craving. I’m sad and scared. Let me just raise some hope here for 2020…I think we dems have some good candidates out there, Cory Booker comes to mind, maybe Mrs. Obama? I need to bring my spirits up!

    1. Yeah it was pretty gloomy in my office but I refuse to lose hope. This just has me energized for midterm elections and being more active!

  6. I, too, knitted obsessively… in my case, on a vest for my son-in-law. Unfortunately, I tied myself in knots over the evening’s news and turned one set of cables the wrong direction. I didn’t notice till I’d knitted three more inches of a pretty complex pattern. Grrrr. I spent the morning after finding out that I could actually ravel back a single cable and redo it properly with a crochet hook. Wish it were as easy to fix the “fix” we’re in now that the votes have been counted.

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