I’ve had some revelations guys. I might have to change up my knitting queue. I was so set on what to make and then new patterns came out, different options caught my eye and new combos of yarn and patterns just started to make sense. I’ve had an ultimate knitspiration!
Sweet Georgia rainbow
Remember when I bought this rainbow yarn? I’ve been worried about how to make my stripes of color match up on a raglan sweater or how to really make execute this in the best way and then I realized a raglan is NOT the way to go. I think I’m going to make myself another Madigan!
My selfies are always awkward but my sweater is super cute! #dwjknits #knitstagram
I made this in the spring with Berroco Weekend and loved it as a spring layering piece and even wore it into early summer. How fun will this be in a rainbow with a white long sleeve layered underneath?! I can wear it with jeans on the weekend or with a simple skirt to work (because I feel like rainbows always make my workday better). And then I won’t really have to worry about matching up the stripes of color on my sleeves since I won’t have any. Plus the circular yoke is easy to construct and the colors will flow easily. Oh I’m so psyched!
I know you all helped me decide on Beacon Hill and I love a Jane Richmond pattern but I changed my mind (again) and decided to go with this curved hem open cardigan, Boothbay. I favorited most of the patterns in Home & Away when it first came out and then fell in love with this version of the cardigan and decided to buy the ebook. All the patterns give you an option to knit a sweater top down OR seamed. Since I’m all about the top down this is perfect for me. I’m going to make the majority of this in the neutral Cascade 220 superwash I picked up but I think the collar/border will be done in a special hand dyed yarn I’ve been saving to do something special with. Although I’m trying to add more neutrals to my wardrobe so I can wear my hand knits more often, I still want a little pop of color to make my sweater unique.

So now I have to decide if I knit Boothbay or Madigan first? I’m leaning towards knitting Madigan just so I can work with such super bright and colorful yarn.

11 Replies to “Knitspiration”

  1. Good Lord! Your killing me with all this!!! I LOVE every piece you’ve put in the project ‘box’ and am soooo excited to see the finished product! Just start already! 😉

    1. I’ve still got 1 1 /2 sleeves and the collar on Estelle. I’m hoping to at least have that finished by Sunday so I can swatch to start my rainbow Madigan!

    1. I think since Madigan is a short sleeved layering piece it might get made first but man I’m excited about making Boothbay. It’s such a simple pattern too.

  2. Yay! Another vote! Um, I vote Madigan, because who doesn’t love rainbows? And here’s to your right to change your mind! 😂

    1. Thanks! I just started knitting with it over the weekend and it feels great. I love a good rainbow!!

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