Must Share: Where Joy Hides & How to Find It

The best compliment I get about this site and my knitting is that I make someone smile. I always say I’m just trying to do my part to put a little joy out into the world. It’s why I call this site Yards of Happiness! So I had to share the TedTalk my BFF Jess shared the other day.

Ingrid Fetell Lee studies joy and reveals how we can find more of it in the world around us. (What?! I could base my PhD around joy?!) She has a blog and she also has a book that I quickly pre-ordered call Joyful. Her TedTalk is under 15 minutes but it’s a good one. And it just might push you to do what I’ve been suggesting and knit with a bit more color in your life. Let me know what you think!

18 Replies to “Must Share: Where Joy Hides & How to Find It”

  1. Lovely of you to share Ingrid’s Joy talk…..never heard of “Ted” being in the UK bookmarked…..Enjoyed her so much pre-ordered her book on the kindle………please give her a hug please and her one to you for sharing the Joy pun intended! ❤😍❤

  2. Aren’t you lucky to have her for a good friend! So positive & inspirational. And spreading the word what we in the creative world already know: Color gives us GREAT joy! Super post, Dana. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Wow!! That was a powerful, inspirational talk. Thx so much for sharing this Dana

  4. Dana, awesome talk….I will be looking at things differently today while running some errands. I may start a daily trend!

  5. Thanks for sharing this TED talk! I pre-ordered the book. I am also a quilter, and think I will use some of her findings to make my quilts more joyful.

  6. Thank you so much for sharing this. Your blog posts bring me joy!

  7. What a great Ted talk! It has me rethinking my colors for Tecumseh.

  8. I loved this Dana!!!! Thank you so much for sharing! Helped me understand why I am almost obsessive about ensuring that my surroundings are filled with pops of color and movement :*). Also helps quiet that inner voice that always tries to tell me to “grow up” when I get excited about color. I’m a quilter and many times I am called the Queen of Color – sometimes with affection and sometimes with a touch of patronage as toward a child. Today I have been given permission to be exuberant about my love of color!!!!

  9. This was so interesting! I am a big fan of colour, and of enjoying the little things that pop up throughout the day, but so many people seem to miss those opportunities… Thank you for adding some more colour and joy to the knitting blogosphere 🙂

  10. OMG yes. Knitting yellow socks and a bright pink sweater, thanks to you! Love how this scholar analyzes an aesthetic of visual joy. and the bit about sandy hook elementary made me tear up. Ordering her book now… here’s to more joy, more color, and more life.

  11. Oh my goodness I am blown away by this delightful Ted talk, thank you so much for sharing. My friend literally, just as I was watching this video, on this post, responded to a text I’d sent her yesterday asking if she had a color preference for the scarf I’m planning to knit her. I usually knit in deep blues and greens and browns, but she responded to the effect of “bright yellow? is that insane?” and now I’m like NO that is NOT INSANE and YES I WOULD LOVE TO DO THAT. And like truly maybe knitting with bright yellow for a few weeks will legitimately change my life?? I can’t wait to see. I am so happy to have come across this today, thank you so much. What a consistently delightful place this blog is. You are a ray of light.

  12. I’m late to the party, but THANK YOU for sharing this. I tend to gray, navy blue and black but have been trying to add some bright colors into my life and now I have more reason than ever!

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