Exhaustion & Rainbows

I’m exhausted. I’m exhausted from being scared. I’m exhausted from being sad. I’m exhausted from shootings, hatred and bigotry.
I started off Friday telling my husband I couldn’t listen to anymore MSNBC, CNN, network news…I’m sorry if this makes you stop reading my blog but Donald Trump is slowly killing me. I’ve listened to his speeches, read his tweets, heard his interviews and can probably predict what he’s going to say every time because he keeps on saying the same thing. And I’m tired of him. And just when I said I can’t take politics and the news coverage we have another shooting. I’m sickened and exhausted from these shootings – at what point does gun control become a real issue? It wasn’t enough when elementary school kids were gunned down and now this Orlando shooting has my stomach in knots. I hate being so scared of just living life.

As a black female I choose to not discriminate against anyone because I’ve faced enough discrimination, racism and bigotry in my 37 years of life that I don’t wish that on anyone. I’m reminded daily that I’m black and a woman. So I try my best to listen to others, to hear their stories and to see how they feel in order to understand their beliefs but this kind of hatred I just can’t understand.

I believe that if we are good to each other the world will be a better place. I believe that everyone has a right to make choices for themselves to make their lives better – I choose to not push my beliefs onto anyone else as if my way is the only right way. I believe in love because if I believe in this hate that I’m seeing it will just consume me. So do me a favor and love someone today. Give your neighbor a hug, tell your brother you love them, tell a child you believe in them – just do something good today to help counteract all this hate, please. Clearly the world needs it.

10 Replies to “Exhaustion & Rainbows”

    1. Alright! I just think we need a lot more love and lot less hating what everyone else is doing in their lives.

  1. I’m shut in today with a summer cold, so I’m sending long-distance love and hugs to YOU… and to the rest of the folks who are gathered here. I appreciate your speaking up so eloquently. Knitters of all kinds from everywhere, unite to knit this world back together!

  2. Total agreement Dana! The man is a nutcase. But what is even scarier is how our fellow American citizens can follow in locksteo to his beliefs. Love will triumph all the hate. I do believe.

  3. And the insanity continues with #Brexit! Now I just turn the TV off when he comes on. What’s frightening to me is not just him .. he is now as a presidential candidate who he’s always been, the people who think like him and support him are more frightening to me as they are our friends, coworkers, neighbors and fellow US citizens. 😦

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