FO: A Happy Little Sweater

When I was a kid I was slightly obsessed with watching Bob Ross’s painting show, The Joy of Painting. I had an easel, all the acrylic paint an 8 year … Continue reading FO: A Happy Little Sweater

FO: A Colorblocked Boyfriend

I was going to save this for next week but I got a chance to take pictures and I love it so much so I figured why not end the … Continue reading FO: A Colorblocked Boyfriend

FO: For My Birthday

Tomorrow is my 38th birthday. It’s weird to say that number but I’m happy to have another year. I have a great family, friends I think of as family and … Continue reading FO: For My Birthday

FO: Sawyer Sweater

This is a week of Finished Objects! I’m not trying to share my holiday knits until after Christmas but I do have a few finished projects (including my kitchen renovation) … Continue reading FO: Sawyer Sweater

FO: A Togue Pond Tank for Jess

The best messages come with lots of exclamation points! I mentioned that Monday was delivery day for the baby cardigan and blanket and my BFF Jess was getting her Togue … Continue reading FO: A Togue Pond Tank for Jess