FO: Windschief

This is a hat. Specifically, this is the Windschief hat by West Knits. I made this hat for my husband two weeks ago. Thankfully I took this picture of it before he got home. Why? Because I haven’t seen it since I gave it to him. Let me explain…
At the beginning of the month my husband made a request for two hats, one grey and one black. He wanted them short so there wasn’t a brim, fitted like another hat he had and preferably with a cable. I opted out of the cable because I kind of hate them. He also wanted to go to the yarn shop with me to pick out the yarn. He picked out Spud and Chloe Sweater in a lovely deep heathered grey and a black. Did I mention to you guys how particular he is? And since he never makes requests when he does I take them seriously.

So I settled on the Windschief because I’ve made it before and since he wasn’t getting a cable, I wanted the hat to have some interest and texture. I whipped it up on a weekend while he was playing golf, showed it to him and asked him to try it on before I blocked and then I never saw it again. He’s worn it every day since. And since he gets home before me by the time I get home to photograph him he’s stripped down from his cute work clothes. So this is all you will see of his hat and I’m not mad because at least I know he likes it and it’s serving its purpose. Maybe by the time I knit the black one I’ll get him to pose for some pics for me. Fingers crossed.


FO: Rosemont Cardigan

Let’s start the week off with a finished object, shall we? Here is my finished Rosemont Cardigan.
This pattern is from the Hannah Fettig, Home and Away Collection. From this collection I’ve knit a three colored Lesley sweater and the Boothbay cardigan that did not flatter my ample behind AT ALL. It is now the prized possession of my BFF Jessica. I love the patterns in this book and that she offers seamed and seamless versions of each pattern. I wanted Boothbay to be my ultimate cardigan and when that curved hem shape failed me I decided to one day knit Rosemont instead. I love a good shawl collar and with the straight edge hem I knew it wouldn’t sit up on my butt in a bad way. I was holding onto a significant quantity of Periwinkle Sheep Intent yarn in this soft and lovely Rose Quartz color. Honestly, Intent is one of my favorite yarns. I will admit though, the toughest part of this cardigan was all the stitches for that shawl collar. Goodness gracious, 300 stitches takes a bit of time to work out but I finished!
I know most people don’t think this is my typical color but I love a good blush shade. It’s almost like a neutral and it matches a ton of stuff already in my closet. Case in point, this cardigan goes perfectly with my Rose Gold Bryr clogs and I recently picked up one of their Clogs & Dogs tote bag supporting North Valley Animal Disaster Group, a North Valley organization that is on the ground, saving the lives of animals effected by the recent devastating California wild fires. I also added a 157 of Gemma embroidered patch of the dog Mochi to the tote. Mochi’s adventures are one of my favorite cartoons.
I’m also hoping this cardigan will be a part of our handmade holiday photos this year! I’ve got some lovely yarn for coordinating sweaters for the dogs and I’m almost finished with Kendell’s vest. I may have to alter it a bit from my original plan because the Remix yarn is lighter than I anticipated. But we shall see. So that’s what I was able to finish over my Thanksgiving break, what about you?


Tomorrow is Thanksgiving here in the United States and before you know it Christmas will be here and then the new year! My posting here as been erratic just because my life has been filled to the brim with new and exciting routines and tasks. I’m thankful for where I am right now.
I’m also thankful for dogs who enhance my knitting process. Cher will always find a ball of yarn to nap on and Jellybean…
Let’s just say this year I’ve learned how to hold a chihuahua who wants hugs and snuggles while knitting. It’s a skill.

I also realized how thankful I am for my two hands this year. They allow me to make things that bring comfort, joy and happiness to the people I love. And they let me type this blog to you! I’m just insanely happy and full of gratitude today and every day. So if you celebrate Thanksgiving I hope it is filled with the love of family and friends! And if you don’t, hopefully your Thursday is filled with yarn. I’ve got some fun things I’m finishing up so more posts next week! Happy Thanksgiving!