Must Share: Where Joy Hides & How to Find It

The best compliment I get about this site and my knitting is that I make someone smile. I always say I’m just trying to do my part to put a little joy out into the world. It’s why I call this site Yards of Happiness! So I had to share the TedTalk my BFF Jess shared the other day.

Ingrid Fetell Lee studies joy and reveals how we can find more of it in the world around us. (What?! I could base my PhD around joy?!) She has a blog and she also has a book that I quickly pre-ordered call Joyful. Her TedTalk is under 15 minutes but it’s a good one. And it just might push you to do what I’ve been suggesting and knit with a bit more color in your life. Let me know what you think!


Flashback: Birthday Knits

I got a reminder that two years ago yesterday I took this picture. We had only had Jellybean for about 2 weeks and I had just finished this sweater for myself as a birthday gift. Oh how much changes in 2 years. Boxy dropped shoulder sweater
Tomorrow is actually my 40th birthday and for the first time in a couple of years I didn’t knit myself something specifically as a gift. But I’m excited to start the Tecumseh Knitalong with a lot of you when I get back because it’s going to be a rainbow sweater and that is such a great gift to myself. I’ve got a ton of projects on my needles but with leaving my old job, starting the new full time teaching gig and life I haven’t had the knitting time I’ve wanted but I think I’m finally getting into a routine and getting my schedule down. I’ve even gotten the dogs to start waking up later!
Birthday girl!
This 39th year of mine has been really good and crazy and full of changes. I told myself last year that my word of the year for 39 would be change. I wanted to make some big sweeping changes in my life to help usher in the life I really wanted to live. I think I’ve accomplished my goal and it wasn’t always easy but I knew the changes I was making were the right ones for me. So for my 40th year I’ve decided my word of the year will be joy. Focusing on gratitude, happiness and enjoying these moments in life I’ve worked so hard for because I should savor them. And all of you who read, comment, message, joined the group on Ravelry or even just read in silence, you bring joy into my life. I appreciate each and every one of you and am so excited to see what fun things we will do together this year. Thanks for coming along on this journey with me, friends. Bring on 40!

Test Knit: Pippi Sweater

I finally get to reveal that test knit I was working on in July! The Pippi pullover pattern by Rebekka Mauser has been released and it’s part of the Fisherman’s Blues collection.
Test Pippi
I have wanted to knit more pullovers for myself so when the opportunity to test knit this one came along I was happy to volunteer. And of course I had to put my own spin on it. Instead of keeping all the stripes the same I decided to change my stripes every 4th row and to reverse the colors on the sleeves than what I did on the body. Why not?
Test Pippi
This is a top down sweater but I feel like it’s also kind of a modified drop shoulder. You have a lot of opportunity to play with color and she gives you options to also make this in a cardigan version. It’s like getting two patterns in one! I also want to adapt this and make a tiny version for Cher and Jellybean, I’ve got enough leftover yarn.
Test Pippi
I choose a more autumnal color palette for this one. I love blue and peach together so I decided to use Berroco Vintage DK in Fondant (peach), Pumpkin (rust) and Breezeway (blue-green). I really like how this yarn washes up. I toss it in the washing machine on delete cycle and let it air dry. It washes up beautifully.
I love playing around with color palettes and this was just such a unique color combo I went for it. I honestly can’t wait for cooler fall days to wear some of these great sweaters I’ve been working on lately. My latest test knit is down to the sleeves! I’m hoping to wrap it up this week.