New Year, New Distractions

I haven’t taken any photos of my latest finished objects. I’ve got to get some time, energy and good daylight – a trifecta of things that has to happen in order to have some blog content. I especially need some good lighting for my finished Comfort Fade Cardigan, it’s insanely vivid and bright and I can’t wait for it to be dry so I can wear it. In December I talked about what I wanted to knit for 2018 and I checked one thing off of my list with the completion of my Comfort Fade Cardigan this week…BUT of course I’ve already deviated from my original plans.

Brooklyn Tweed Freja
Brooklyn Tweed Freja via Ravelry

One of things I want to do this year is really work with what is in my stash. I’ve got a lot of yarn and I always have lofty dreams and ideas of what I’m going to make. And don’t get me wrong, clearly I produce a lot of stuff. I just don’t produce it with what is already in my stash. I have to do better about that. I buy pretty yarn on sale and at trunk shows or Maryland Sheep and Wool and then don’t use it because it’s too pretty. So I’m striving to do less of that and more knitting with what I have. I’ve had 900+ yards of Berroco Vintage Chunky in a gorgeous teal color, Tide Pool, in my stash now for years and I haven’t done anything with it. I originally intended to make the Camilla Pullover and then quickly learned I hate the look of garter stitch in an allover sweater on me. So the yarn just sat and I never made anything with it. Then I saw the Freja sweater from the latest Brooklyn Tweed release and thought it would look awesome in that deep teal. [Side note: I’m getting frustrated with knitting photography for patterns. Why photograph a dark sweater on a dark background? You can barely tell what the sweater looks like because of the mood they’re trying to set for the pics] I was just shy of a few skeins so I ordered the 3 more I needed and will alternate skeins to minimize the look of the mismatched dye lots. But I’ll be removing a large chunk of yarn in my knitting stash! WOOHOO. This is a seamed piece but worked up on larger needles so I have a feeling this one will work up quickly and will be a nice addition to my wardrobe although I have a feeling my sister Helen may try to take this one over. And after this one is completed I really want to work on making my husband that shawl collared vest he asked me to make him way back in the summer.

So what have you been working on in 2018? Any finished objects yet?


A Quick Check-in

I am alive, just slowly digging out after a week of hectic work. I’ve got to finish up some things, take pictures of knitting and more but classes are starting and I’ve got to get myself back into the groove of balancing it all. Just wanted to pop in to say hi and that I’ll be back soon. And if you’re curious, Jellybean’s raincoat can be bought here. Happy knitting, friends!

Stitching Status: Travel Brioche

I’m traveling this week for an annual trade show for work that is always hectic, slightly stressful and full of long days. But I always take knitting with me to try to soothe my nerves and wind down after a long work day. I decided to take two projects with me, my Comfort Fade Cardigan so I could make progress on the body and a new project, a Stephen West Brio-Garter Hat.
Brio-garter hat
I’ve been itching to do something else with 2 color brioche since I finished my sister’s vest but I wanted to take it to the next level. I watched some YouTube videos before I got on the plane about brioche stitch increases and decreases…yeah I didn’t have it down. LOL But this hat starts with an i-cord and then you pick up stitches so it was easy to keep frogging it and starting over once I had already created the i-cord.
Brio-garter hat
I think I started this over 5 times before I realized that in brioche knitting, the stitch with the yarnover that you knit together is consider ONE STITCH. Oops! After that it was easy but that doesn’t mean I didn’t make mistakes. I’d start with the wrong color or start purling instead of knitting or do a left decrease instead of a right decrease. Despite my mistakes, I finished a lovely hat the other night that taught me a lot in the process.  Even with my mistakes it looks really good! I’ll have to take proper pics once I get back home. And speaking of back home…of course I miss my husband but I’m definitely missing these fuzzy butts.
But I’ll be home soon! Now during down time I’m trying to figure out what my next brioche project should be!