Another Year

“Sometimes your joy is the source of your smile, but sometimes your smile can be the source of your joy.”
-Thich Nhat Hanh

Photo by Amira Maxwell Photography

Today is my 39th birthday. It seems so weird to say that I’m 39 but hey, I’m happy to see another birthday. Instead of being sad about getting another year older I’m happy to get to another year of more of what brings me happiness and joy. I have a loving husband, two dogs that make every day a happy day, two sisters and a mother I love to spend time with and a ton of great friends (in person and online).

So here’s to another year of getting older, wiser, happier and spreading that happiness around.


FO: Angelina 1.25

I said here last week that the last time I showed you my Angelina Pullover it would be a finished object and it is…but I added a little more to the project than I originally planned. You may remember in the spring I talked about my goals for this summer and one of them was to knit Jellybean a sweater.
Angelina for two
So when I finished my Angelina Pullover and still had a little bit of yarn leftover for the last skein I wound I decided to make a teeny tiny Angelina Pullover for Jellybean. And I think I love her tiny sweater more than my own! Her little 5 pound frame is always cold (she was shaking on a 67 degree walk this morning) so clothing is actually an essential basic in her life. So going with the Summer of Basics Makealong I decided Beanie needed a new basic to add to her wardrobe too. So let’s talk about both of the finished objects!
My Angelina
As always, I forget that I’m shorter than the average knitting pattern and I probably should’ve shortened my sweater just a tiny bit because it’s getting into tunic length territory. But I love the cables, the sleeves and the curved hemline. I also love the Berroco Ultra Alpaca yarn, it blocked into a light and airy wool that will still be cozy and warm. This will be an awesome layering piece as well.
Angelina twin pullovers
For Jellybean’s sweater I essentially worked out the math to do the cables on 40 stitches and eventually increased the sweater to 85 stitches in total for her width. Once I was done with the cables I worked in stockinette for a bit and then separated the body for sleeves almost like a raglan. 15 stitches for each sleeve, 20 stitches for her chest and 35 for her back and I cast on a few extra stitches at her underarm to give it a fuller sleeve like mine. I whipped this up in a couple of hours but my favorite detail was that I also added the curved hems to her sweater too and the icord edging.
Angelina for two
This tiny sweater tickled me to no end. I was so proud of myself for figuring out how to modify this to fit her and she let me pull it over her head a billion times to check my fit and length. I figured since she used the ball of yarn as a headrest so much while I was making my Angelina I might as well make her a sweater with the same yarn since I had some leftover (and still have 2 skeins in my stash).
My Angelina
I’m typically not a cable knit person, I like the look but don’t like how cables slow me down, but something about the simpleness of this cable made this pattern worth it. I’ve also read a few complaints on Ravelry about how dark the pattern images are but I could still see the awesomeness in this design. Added bonus, I love any pattern that’s only a single page of instructions and that was the case with this one. Easy peasy.
Angelina for two
I didn’t end up sewing my dress as planned for the Summer of Basics Makealong (eventually I will) but I did at least make a lovely rainbow cardigan for all seasons, my Pink Professor sweater and now these two pullovers for both of our wardrobe. I’ll take that as a win in my book and I’ve still got a few more things for myself I’m ready to cast-on as well. I’m on a roll. Did any of you finish three projects for the Makealong? Share!!

Weekend Plans

Next time I show you my Angelina pullover it will be a finished object.
I plan to be finished with this bad boy by Saturday and have it on the blocking boards on Sunday. Unless I get this…
The tiny paw put on me to ask me to stop whatever it is I’m doing and take them on a nice walk. It’s supposed to be a gorgeous weekend so perhaps I’ll be finishing up my Angelina while I’m sitting outside soaking up the great weather on the east coast with my husband and two dogs. I hope you have a wonderful weekend wherever you are.