FO: NY Giants Sweater

It’s hard to believe that January is almost over and I’m still not finished sharing December’s finished objects! Oh and I’ve completed three sweaters so far in January, so it’s not like I’m slacking.
Ultimate fan sweater
My last sweater of 2016 was for my husband and of course it wasn’t the one he had originally requested. That’s kind of what happens with me and knitting. I knit was gets me excited at the moment. This sweater wasn’t in the plan but I was wearing this sweater:
Color blocked Lesley
My Colorblocked Lesley and I kept thinking about how soft it was that day at work. And when I looked at myself in the mirror I thought if I just replaced the green with red, this would be a perfect NY Giants sweater for Kenny. I asked him if he’d wear a Giants themed sweater and he said of course (mind you this was after the hat I already made him). I still had leftover skeins of Mighty Stitch worsted in blue and white so I decided to whip up the Tea with Bread and Jam sweater (side note: this pattern name makes me think of this book we read a million times when I was a child) and I ordered some red to be the main color of the sweater. The only alternation I made to this pattern was to omit the pockets. I didn’t think he’d care about that little detail.
Giants sweater
I also found on Ebay a large vintage NY Giants patch that I thought would really pull it all together. I don’t know if the patch is authentic but it sure is cool and he loves it on the sweater. Right now it’s on with fabric fusion glue but I plan to hand sew it permanently into place on the chest.
Ultimate fan sweater
The end result was a really happy husband who has another cool NY Giants themed hand knit to add to his collection. And I love the sweater pattern so next I need to make one in a fun color combination for myself. It’s a great casual weekend piece.


To Frog or Not to Frog?

You may remember my Flaum cardigan from the fall.
This is the only picture I’ve taken of it but I’ve gotten it all the down to 6 inches from the separation for sleeves. I made a lot of progress and then I just hit a wall.

The fisherman’s rib stitch combined with the size 6 needles made my hands cramp and I was just bored. But after going so far with this sweater I’ve still been really reluctant to frog this one. On one hand I think this piece would be a great wardrobe staple in a neutral color that I need but on the other hand it’s boring me in so many ways. I like to knit because I find it pleasurable. It clears my head, it soothes me and this just irritates me. So what would you do?

Would you frog it or push through?

FO: Birthday Ties

My cousin Mark was celebrating his 50th birthday on December 21st and my best friend Steven’s birthday is December 24th. I decided to make them both ties for their birthdays this year. Mark has been asking for one for a long time and I just never sat down to do it.
Mark's birthday tie
I had yarn in my stash that I actually bought with ties in mind so all I needed was the time to actually sit down and knit them. You may remember when I knit my husband the Rye tie and I did a lavender and purple stripe. This time I used the same pattern but went with solid colors.
Mark's birthday tie
For Mark’s tie I used the Freia worsted ombre…but unfortunately I didn’t get to go long enough to get any of the gray! I was a little bummed that I didn’t get the color change but he was delighted to say the least about his tie. He also has his own radio show on Sirius XM and appears on MSNBC quite often and he wore his tie the following Saturday when he was on TV.
Mark and his birthday tie
How cool is it to say your knit tie was seen on TV?
Steven's tie
The second tie went to my best friend Steven in NYC. He’s a dapper dresser and I thought why not add one of my ties to his collection. For this one I used Cascade Venezia yarn and it’s a little softer drape than my cousin’s. I also loved the rich shade of red. Added bonus, it matched Sophie’s sweater I knit for her. I’ve been loving the enthusiasm for the knit ties but now everybody wants me to make them one! But hey, I can…I just won’t. LOL

I’ve been away for the last week for work for a conference and I am EXHAUSTED. So no post on Monday to take the long weekend to rest and snuggle my dogs and KNIT! Have a great weekend everyone.