Finished Object Follow-ups

Sometimes I get asked questions about things I knit where people want to know how something held up or how it fit someone after I’ve posted about it. Since my cousin is in town and got to try on her North Fork I thought this was the perfect time to follow-up with a few questions I’ve been asked. So first, let’s share the fit of the North Fork on my cousin.

Safia's North Fork
Can you tell she likes it? HA! She’s such a ham and loves getting hand knit gifts from me. I’m happy to make things for her because she really does appreciate every little thing I knit.
Safia's North Fork
When I’m making tops for Safia I have to consider her bust because although she’s a petite young lady, she’s well endowed. We laughed because we said this top would probably fit loser if her chest was smaller but it’s a perfect fit as a nice summer scoop neck top. She also told me the Berroco Weekend felt super soft on her skin and she liked the stretchiness of the arms and neckline. WIN!

Morgan and the Tutu top
I was also asked how well the Knit Picks Brava Sport weight yarn I used for Maddie’s doll held up and I’m happy to say it was a great choice. I actually took these pictures of the doll AFTER I washed and dried her and my Maddie’s Mom said that Morgan the doll has been dragged all over the place and still looks fantastic. YAY!

First socks
And lastly, how have my first pair of socks been holding up? I already knew when I knit them I should’ve gone down a needle size so they’re a little big. One always slips off in the middle of the night. But I accidentally dried them in the dryer and they didn’t fuzz and that helped snug them up a bit. I also think if I did the puff paint dots again I’d just make them bigger but they do add some grip to the bottoms of my feet so I’m not just sliding around on my wood floors.

So those are my finished object follow-ups. Monday I’ve got a round-up of everything I finished this month and Wednesday I’ve got to share my finished custom green tee…which I turned into a tunic! And the next thing I’m casting on? A little blue dress for a baby girl. What are you casting on this weekend?


Winter is Coming, Knit Faster

I don’t know if any of you watch Game of Thrones. I do and I love me some Jon Snow! So of course when I saw this yarn bowl I fell in love. Fortunately for me I already have a gorgeous green ceramic yarn bowl but if I ever need a second this one is on my list.

Winter is Coming, Knit Faster
Image via

Between studying for the GRE (I swear as my math gets better my verbal gets worse – say a prayer for me please), watching the Democratic National Convention speeches and mindless knitting of the body of my custom knit – nothing exciting is happening in my world. So here’s a picture of Cher.
Most nights she’s perched underneath my chair while I study, staying as close to me as she possibly can. Last night she didn’t care to go up and down the stairs behind me and stood paused like this for a bit waiting to see if I was going to come back up or stay down. LOL I love that little dog. Hopefully more updates on knitting progress on Friday!

Custom Knit Progress

This weekend we had family in town so in between my GRE studying (I hate geometry) and riding around with my mother-in-law and brother-in-law I got to sneak in a little knitting on my custom tee. We did take them to the National Harbor for dinner and took a ride on the Capital Wheel. The view from the glass gondolas is always so gorgeous.
I’ve been getting more comfortable with custom knit creations after my first custom cardigan and then my cape, So I decided a while ago to work on a summer tee for myself. I bought an inexpensive bag of 1 pound of cotton yarn mill ends from AC Moore and made a gauge swatch and started making myself a circular yoke tee.
This is my green tee in progress. I’d slowly do a couple of rows every other week when another project would get a bit mundane but I’ve finally gotten to the body of this baby and I’m excited to get it off my needles. I’ve worked beyond this point in the picture and am now doing increases and think I might want to do a split hem with curved front and back panels courtesy of some short row shaping. I’m a little inspired by this newly released pattern:

Sheltered by Andrea Mowry image via Ravelry
Sheltered by Andrea Mowry image via Ravelry

Sheltered by Andrea Mowry is a cool looking poncho but I really love the split hem and want to see if I can do something similar. I’m using this tee to test myself. So far the fit is pretty good (I’m hoping it doesn’t stretch too much with blocking) and I think if I make this in a tunic length it will be even cuter when layered with a long sleeve tee in the fall. I told you this year was about not being afraid to try new stuff, so I’m plugging away at learning how to make more things for myself because my goal of having a closet full of hand knit sweaters is very attainable. Although I may put this aside to whip up a bulky knit for my cousin!

So what are you knitting that’s pushing your limits?