Latest Obsession: Knit Dolls

Since I have so many little kids in my life and I’m getting a ton of little girls lately, I’ve been lovingly looking for dolls to knit. I know, most dolls are crocheted but I knew if I really searched I could find a doll pattern. My LYS is having a class with knit designer, Susan B. Anderson and that’s how I found out about her patterns.
Mary, Millie, and Morgan by Susan B. Anderson
Meet Mary, Morgan and Mille, the latest pattern I added to my collection. And who will I knit the first doll for?
Cupid on Maddie
Maddie! I downloaded the pattern and ordered the yarn needed to make her Morgan (or whatever she wants to call her) from KnitPicks last week. I went with the Brava Sport Acrylic so that it could be easily washed. I found the perfect brown that’s close to her skin tone and I’ve got to pick up some size 3 double pointed needles and stuffing for the doll so I can get started on it soon.
Williams Sisters
Growing up our dolls were always brown because my Mother said little girls idolize and daydream their futures with the dolls they play with. So she wanted us to play with dolls that resembled who we really were. I didn’t even realize Raggedy Ann and Andy were white for a looooong time.ย To me everybody was black. So I’m going to give it a shot and knit this first brown doll and see how easy it is to determine if I’ll want to make more. I’m hoping it’s a quick knit, the instructions are fairly easy and direct – my only issue is that it’s on size 3 needles. And I’m most excited about knitting up clothes for Morgan and then making matching clothes for Maddie too ๐Ÿ™‚ Because that’s what makes it even more special.

Have any of you knit dolls? Got any tips for me?


In My Stash: Madelinetosh Tosh Vintage

Before I get into today’s yarny goodness, I just wanted to let you guys know despite the sudden summer like weather I’m still chugging along on my cape. I’ve got a couple more inches of the body left and then I’m going to block it before I pick up my neckband and button bands. I’ll try to take some pictures and share on Friday. It’s coming along just perfectly and I can’t wait to share it when I’m finished. Okay…now back to yarn.
As I’ve been working on baby things for friends, I realize despite the warmer temps I love the feel of good wool yarn. I bought this Madelinetosh Tosh Vintage from Webs last year and I love it. The color is Kilim and it’s simply stunning in person. Seriously these photos don’t do it justice.
But here’s the problem, it’s so pretty I don’t want to knit with it. Am I insane? I find that what stays in my stash are the expensive yarns because I feel like I want to find the perfect pattern because the yarn is so perfect…but I never find the right pattern! So help me out and give me some suggestions on what you’d knit with this lovely yarn? I have 1400 yards and it’s worsted weight, so I can knit a sweater but which one?! And I want to make something with it and soon because Maryland Sheep & Wool festival is next month (are you going?) and I am going to buy yarn so I need to destash to make room!

All suggestions are welcome.

FO: Fluffy Brioche Baby Blanket

It’s Monday, the hardest day of the week for me and I wish I could just be wrapped up in this deliciously squishy and soft blanket.
Paige's brioche blankie
Last week I finished the Purl Soho Fluffy Brioche Blanket for my soon to be goddaughter (they asked us over the weekend), Paige. You might remember getting a glimpse of her in her sibling sweater.
Keller Family
Here she is in all her teeny tiny glory. Those tiny feet just kill me!! She’s just so little and cute! And my husband and I are super excited to become her godparents. Okay, back to the blanket details…
Andrea's sprinkle
Her Mom decided to do a ladybug theme for the nursery, so I wanted to do something red but I didn’t necessarily want to do red and black. So I went a little softer with my secondary yarn color choice because I knew this would be a blanket typically seen on the baby and I just felt like black would be too harsh.
Paige's brioche blankie
I picked a bright red and a soft grey and white twisted yarn and I really love the fun effect it had. Plus, it made it super easy to memorize the four row stitch pattern because I switched between the two colors every two rows.
Paige's brioche blankie
If you’re curious what the backside looked like, here it is. Or this could be the front…I really don’t know. The pattern starts with a wrong side wrong, so I probably could’ve started my color changes on different rows but I still like how it turned out. This is also my second time using the Bernat Softee Chunky yarn (the first was the heart blanket), a super bulky acrylic and I really like how soft it washes and dries. It has a lovely feel to it once you wash it. And this was much faster to do since I used size 15 needles. I’ve got another baby shower on the 30th and I’m thinking about whipping up a solid color version of this for our friends baby boy.

So do you have a go to baby blanket pattern? I’m always on the hunt for another one to add to my stash. Let me know!