Best Nine of 2015, Part II

I decided since this is a slow holiday week I’d share my Best Nine projects I enjoyed knitting this year. Part I went up yesterday and here’s today’s list.
6. Old Growth
Old Growth
If you’re new to this blog you may not know that for years I blogged about beauty, accessories and fashionable technology on The Art of Accessories/I Am DWJ. I met a lot of people online and a ton of PR folks and one of them that I have stayed in touch with over the years worked for LeSportsac (a brand I loved and bought tons of before they ever sent me a single thing). Pem left LeSportsac a long time ago and got married and had the cutest kids. We stay in touch online and one day she asked me if she could commission a sweater for her daughter. I don’t really do commissions but I do like to make cute things for nice people with cute kids. So I whipped up my first bottom up cardigan (those sleeves were tricky) and sent it her way. She was delighted when I told her I didn’t want payment, just a pic of her daughter wearing it and I’m delighted when I see her posting pics on Instagram with her daughter wearing it. It’s a win-win. Oh and it’s a rainbow yarn – my absolute favorite.
5. Sawyer
This is the sweater I learned the most from this year. It wasn’t a perfect knit but I was definitely proud of myself when I finished it. I love learning and I think that’s why I love to knit so much. With each project I figure out something else and it makes me just want to knit more. Next up for the husband, a deep wine colored shawl collared cardigan.
4. Mountain High
Mountain High (finished)
You might think this was my number one because it brought me so many new blog readers and friends on Ravelry since I was featured. It’s number 4 but not my all time favorite this year. Mountain high is similar in the garter stitch panel construction as my Green Garter but it has a lovely swing shape to it. Plus with this project I fell in love with Lion Brand Heartland Tweed yarn. It’s an acrylic that washes well and I’ve even popped it in the dryer. This piece is a go-to throw on piece on the weekends.

So these three were in the middle…what will be next? Find out my top 3 on Friday!!


Best Nine of 2015, Part I

I’ve been seeing a lot of those Best Nine  posts on Instagram where you share your top liked posts of the year. My best nine included things I knit and my family.
So I started to think about what are the best nine things I made this year? This year was a big knitting year for me. I knit A LOT. And I learned a lot and did a ton of major sweater knitting. This year my knitting stats included:

  • 24 sweaters (this includes 14 quarter length or longer sleeves, 10 tees/tanks/short sleeved sweaters)
  • 10 baby sweaters
  • 4 blankets
  • 3 hats
  • 1 dog sweater
  • 1 tie
  • 1 scarf

I really fell in love with sweater knitting this year and did my first bottom up and seamed sweaters. I’ve still got a ton of yarn in my stash and 3 new baby girls on the way this year so I’ve definitely got a list of things I’ll be knitting in the new year. Since it’s still a slow holiday week I’m going to break up my top 9 favorite projects into 3 posts and you will get to see a few things I’ve yet to do FO posts about! So here are my 9, 8 and 7 ranked (ranked purely on my enjoyment and learning process) things that I loved making this year.

9. Green Garter Raglan Sweater
I will do a full FO post about this project next week but this was my 24th sweater this year. I finished it just in time to wear on Christmas day. I love the color, the fit and the pattern. It just made me so happy to wear it on Christmas day.
8. Carter’s Cardigan
Two things I love with baby knits – when parents have bright and colorful color palettes or when they give me the freedom to make up whatever color palette I want. I loved this super bright coral, purple and lavender cardigan. It was just the absolute sweetest for a tiny little girl.
7. Earl Grey Latte
Earl Grey Latte sweater
My oldest sister has a lot of demands when it comes to what I make her and I’m pleased to say I hit it out of the park with her sweater for Christmas this year. Now we’re just waiting for the temps to get cooler!! I’m also excited because I bought the kids version of this pattern and Maddie will be getting a bright coral one in January. A FO post about this one next week too!

So what’s in your top/favorite/best nine this year? What other projects do you think I’ve picked? I’ll share 6, 5 and 4 on Wednesday.

Happy Hand-Knit Holiday

Holidays 2015
I actually got a picture of us all in sweaters I knit. YAY! It’s not my favorite pic of the three of us, last year’s was much cuter (in my opinion) but I love them both to pieces and rarely get us photographed together. I’ll take it.

I have high hopes that if I cook and prep tonight for Christmas Eve festivities I can get in a few hours to myself to finish the sleeves on my green sweater. Because all I want for Christmas is a new sweater to wear 🙂

I’m taking the rest of the week off to unplug and hang with my family and friends for the Christmas holiday. I hope you have a wonderful holiday as well. Thank you so much for being a part of my world.