Tis the Season

Well, Thanksgiving means the beginning of the holiday season and although I’ve started off with a sluggish start I’m starting to get into the flow of things. We even found Cher the CUTEST Santa sweater at Marshalls last week. How can this little Misses Claus not get you happy about the holiday season?
Most of the sales started before Friday or even Cyber Monday so I decided to get a jump start on my holiday yarn shopping. I am not doing a ton of knitted gifts this season, I’m just hoping to finish a sweater for my sister Anne, a sweater or a massive scarf for my sister Helen and if I have time, something for my Mom. I’m not as pressed to get things finished by Christmas because they’re my immediate family and they know how special a hand knit sweater is but I’ve already made some great progress over the holiday weekend on Anne’s sweater so I think I’ve made some realistic goals. I will note that in this picture it’s mainly a lot of Lion Brand Heartland Yarn (like on my Mountain High sweater) and Patons Classic Wool. I also took advantage of the Yarnspirations.com sales and got 50% off of my favorite Caron Simply Soft to build up my stash for the 2 baby girls coming in the new year and my favorite little girl Maddie 🙂
I’ve got a really silly sweater project planned for my cousin with this Boss Bitch patch and some warm and cozy Patons Wool. I see a simple raglan with a statement making patch in her future. Aside from some yarn shopping (oh and believe I picked up enough for some more sweater projects for myself!) last week I cooked in my kitchen, knit and hung out with friends. Not a bad week at all.

Any good sales today I should be aware of? I’ve been resisting a lot of temptation but I like being tempted so do share!



This year has been a year – and it’s not over yet! I’m so thankful that I’ve survived what has probably been the hardest year of my life after losing my Dad. I’m still grieving but with each passing day I realize I am getting stronger and that’s a good thing because for a while I kept feeling like all the air kept getting sucked out of the room. And that feeling sucked. So with the holiday season upon us and this being the first Christmas without my Dad (and his birthday is near Christmas too) I want to focus on what I’m thankful for because that is what keeps me going on a daily basis.
Staring contest
My Dog, Cher
I’m sure that lots of people think I’m ridiculous about my dog. I am and I am totally okay with that. We adopted Cher two Thanksgivings ago and it was the best decision we ever made. She came into my life when I was struggling on a lot of levels. I think she was struggling too, she spent 3 years in 3 different shelters and just needed someone to love her. We were a perfect match and 3 months into her adoption I was happier, healthier (down 30 pounds) and was coming out of my fog and focusing on what was important. I didn’t think I could love a dog as much as I love a person but I do. And this dog gives me back so much more than I could’ve ever asked for, so for that I’m grateful.
My family and friends
I love my family. I talk to my mom, one of my sisters, or a combination of all 3 every single day. My husband is just the kindest, sweetest man and I’m lucky to be married to such a wonderful guy. I’m surrounded by support and unconditional love. How could I not be thankful for these great people?

And my small circle of friends that are so amazing are my family too. The laughter, the daily silliness, the texts, emails and phone calls make life good and I am so grateful to feel so loved.
And you, my knitting friends
I came back to blogging this summer and have been happily surprised by how big of an embrace I’ve received from the knitting community. The comments you leave here and on social media. The emails and direct messages…it feels good to have a place to share what I love with like minded people and this is just the beginning. Knitting is the thing that calms me and brings me such joy. I’m happy you are a part of what brings me joy too.

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving my US friends and I will be back next week! Thanks for reading my little corner of the internet.

What Weekends Are Made For

It was the first cold weekend in Maryland since late February/early March. It’s knit sweater weather – that’s about the only reason I like winter now. I have reasons to pull out all of my bundles of hand knits I’ve been working on this year. WOOHOO!
Cher spent the majority of her weekend wrapped up in freshly laundered blankets or curled up next to me while I was finishing off the Sawyer sweater. I blasted Adele’s new album AND some Justin Bieber while I was seaming the sweater and adding buttons. My husband finished up the tile work in the kitchen – all that’s left is grout and by Tuesday I’ll be putting everything back in the cabinets and on the countertops. YES! We plan to have a quiet Thanksgiving just the two of us at home and I’m looking forward to cooking in my kitchen again. I still need to take some real pics of Sawyer but I thought I’d share a preview (and a pic taken under protest) until I can take some better pics.
And I’m looking forward to the Thanksgiving break and having a little extra quiet time to knit! I’ve got a few things I’m itching to put on my needles and I just don’t know where to start! Aargh!!

Did you have a good weekend? Any good knitting get finished?