Stitching Status: September’s End

First, I have to give all thanks and praise to my knitting BFF Lavon because she helped save Boothbay. She convinced me to take out the bind off and to do a stretchier bind off on the lower half – it worked! Boothbay is now not grabbing my butt in a creepy way. I just haven’t had a chance to photograph it yet because I’ve been busy working on Oatmeal!
Yes, it is small. I started with the smallest size (28) and then read the notes about how tiny this sweater is and although my cousin is tiny I got a little paranoid and decided to frog it and bump the sizing up to the next notch with a 32. It still appears slim but I know this yarn will stretch and give a little and I’d rather it be a little bit than too tight to even get her arms through it.
I do love the colors. I had some yellow and pink bulky weight left over from this hoodie I made my sister and a sweater I made myself at Thanksgiving last year and I thought they’d be a bright and cheery combo. I always have leftover yarn (hello, 3 full balls leftover from Boothbay!) but I try to make hats and scarves or sweaters for tiny people with the leftovers. I try to use as much of my stash as I can. I would like to finish Oatmeal tonight so I can block it and it be dry by the time I have to pack it away for my Friday morning early flight. If not, I’ll just take a packet of soak with me to Chicago and block it in my hotel room. As I typed that sentence I felt slightly knitting obsessed…but I don’t care. I am knitting obsessed.
Knitting Wisdom
I also had to share this hilarious piece because I’ve had this on my iPad camera roll for forever (found it on Instagram over a year ago) and it always rings so true with me. We are getting into the holiday knitting season and I do not feel obligated to make things for people that I do not think will appreciate it. My time, effort and money going into making special things and I only choose to share it with those special folks in my life – and I have a right to make that choice. So here’s your friendly reminder, you don’t have to knit anything you don’t want to for someone you don’t want to knit for – am I right?


Good Distractions and Small Disasters

I did finish my Boothbay but it wasn’t until 10:30pm that I threw it in the washing machine on a rinse and hold cycle (it’s a superwash yarn) so that I could let it loosen up and dry. I totally had intentions on finishing it up earlier in the afternoon but I got distracted…
Maddie and her Mom paid me a surprise visit and I got to give her the cardigan I made her for homecoming!
That’s the best kind of distraction to get, don’t you think? An 8 month old full of energy and excitement about everything. When her mom called to say she was popping over I quickly vacuumed the floor and gave it a quick mop so Maddie could crawl everywhere and oh did she crawl! Cher was intrigued by her and terrified of her as soon as she realized she could crawl. Every time Maddie would start to crawl rapidly towards her she would start wagging her tail and then growl…so I had to put her in the basement with my husband. She of course laid on the landing with her face pressed against the doggy gate dying to get upstairs and giving me a single bark to let me know she was ready to come back up and be scared of the baby. LOL We want Maddie to not be afraid of dogs…we just need Cher to not be afraid of babies.

And Boothbay…well it’s not my favorite knit. I blocked it but my fear came true and it just hits me in a weird way and the collar doesn’t want to turn down like in the project pictures. I was inspired to knit Boothbay when I saw this picture of a finished one on Instagram. Isn’t it just lovely? Unfortunately mine is not that lovely and I fear it may just be a shapeless weird blob of wool I wear in the house on chilly mornings or when I’m walking the dog. I’ll still take some pictures and hopefully post them on Wednesday. I talked to my work knitting buddy Lavon and she gave me some ideas and told me I can just remove the bind-off and make it stretchier at the bottom. We shall see. I just wanted this to be better than it turned out. Oh well, I guess every knit can’t be a winner. Now to finish a sweater (I hope will fit) for my cousin before I head to Chicago on Friday. Despite being disappointed in a finished object, I still love knitting.

Stitching Status: So. Many. Stitches!

This was yesterday morning, only 2 1/2 inches on my Boothbay garter stitch collar. I’m happy to announce that as of yesterday evening I finished the collar and am working on the sleeves!!
Here’s the one worry I have…since it isn’t blocked right now the sweater is sitting up quite awkwardly on my butt {insert laughing emoji right here…}. I know, I know…I would’ve never considered my butt in a knitwear design but I am keeping my fingers crossed that once this bad boy is blocked and can relax a bit more it will sit properly over my hind parts. Otherwise someone really slim with no booty will be getting this sweater I’ve worked diligently on for the last 2 weeks. The goal is to finish the sleeves and block this baby by Sunday!
I rewarded myself yesterday for finishing the garter stitch collar by casting on the Oatmeal sweater for my cousin. I always make her the smallest size because she is TINY but I then worry about whether or not it will fit because I feel like I’m knitting a toddler sweater. Everyone says this pattern runs small, which is probably in her favor and I hope it will fit her like a glove. I’m flying to Chicago next Friday to see her so only time will tell. This is a quick knit so once I finish off Boothbay I should be able to fly through finishing this one.
As I’m looking through my Ravelry projects if I finish up this Oatmeal sweater this week I will have completed 3 adult sweaters and 2 baby cardigans in the month of September. Clearly I have smoke coming off of my knitting needles but I’m going with it while I’ve got some knitting fire power within me. Oh and here’s a picture of Cher because she’s my dog, it’s my blog and I just think she’s the cutest.

Have a great weekend!