Stitching Status & Savannah

My husband had a birthday on Monday so we decided to take a trip to Savannah, GA on Friday. I’ve traveled a lot in the US and he has traveled a lot internationally but somehow Savannah is a city neither one of us has even been to before. It wasn’t too far of a drive (a little over 8 hours), so we decided to give it a go. We also bought a selfie stick as you can tell in the picture above. I also have the new Samsung S6 Edge and the front facing camera is ah-mazing!
This photo was pre-selfie stick and proves why we needed to make that critical purchase (LOL). We found Johnson Square, the best square in Savannah since that is our last name. We took a trolley tour to see the city, hopping on and off to explore a bit. We also ate a lot of grits. I cannot tell you how delicious the Black and Bleu Grits are at The Funky Brunch Cafe. We also stayed at the Mansion at Forsyth Park which was delightful in so many ways. Needless to say, Savannah, we will return.
Typically whenever I travel, or just whenever, I have a knitting project with me. I was not successful in finishing the Togue Pond tank before I left, but I finished the body the night before we left. We had a little down time after a big rainstorm and I decided I had enough time to sit in a luxuriously big armchair in our hotel room and finish the main part of the tank. I used the car ride home in the morning to complete the ribbing around the neck and underarms and then soaked and blocked it when we got home. I’ll do a more in depth post with pictures and my thoughts on it but I can definitely see myself knitting up one more of these for myself. It was pretty quick and I’m still obsessed with the yarn for summer. So that’s what’s been happening with me, what’s new with you?



I’m a bit of a tech nerd in addition to being a yarn addict. A friend tweeted to me the other day about a new game coming to Xbox called, Unravel. I also loved the story behind the making of Unravel featured on Fast Company’s website. I’m not a gamer, but we have always had an Xbox in our house and there are always games for me (hello, Just Dance!) but this is definitely one to add to my list. A video game that includes yarn, sign me up!

In My Queue : Togue Pond

Togue Pond
I have a million things in my queue, always. But I am also an easily distracted knitter. I love knitting sweaters but at some point the body construction bores me to tears. So I do something quick in between. I’m currently working on a cardigan for my cousin, who I love knitting for because she is the smallest size so things move quickly. I’ve got the bottom completed and just have the picked up stitch ribbing and the sleeves left to do, but the body bored me. So when I got bored I whipped up a tie for my husband and now he wants more! So of course as I was working on this neverending cardigan and then this quick tie I decided to buy yarn for the Togue Pond tank.

I’m tempted to put the cardigan down and whip this up for my trip to Savannah with my husband coming up. I mean, who doesn’t need a light and breezy tank? I picked up some more of my favorite Berroco Modern Cotton in a neutral grey shade. I loved this yarn so much after making my North Fork a few weeks ago, I knew I needed to make myself another summer friendly knit. I favorited this pattern in Ravelry a year ago after reading about it on Karen’s blog, Fringe Association (I love knitting blogs, love them!). And after doing more and more complex things I decided to not be afraid of a bottom up project. Plus, this is a Pam Allen project and I like how her patterns are written, so clearly this is a must knit for me.

Okay, I’ve talked myself into this. I’m swatching tonight and putting the cardigan on hold. Maybe I’ll pick the cardigan back up and work on it in the car…I mean, it’s always cold in Chicago so there’s no urgency to making this, right?